[Solved] iOS is exit(0) Reject [closed]

Do not provide buttons or options for exiting from your application. If you do so apple will reject your application. Also if you call exit(0) from your application at certain point, apple will take it as a crash. So never do it, your app will be rejected. 1 solved iOS is exit(0) Reject [closed]

[Solved] hosted landing page to download my app by platform/other

The solution provided by WebGuy is perfect. There is also an alternative with Branch. If you do not have a website, Branch offers a customizable Branch hosted page called Deepviews. With Deepviews you can provide your users with an opportunity to enter their mobile number so that they can text themselves Branch links to download … Read more

[Solved] Free and paid version of iOS app [closed]

I have seen many developers publish a “Lite” version of the app for free with limited features, and a full featured version of the app that costs $$. I think there is plenty of precedent for this approach that you shouldn’t get any push back from Apple. But I have heard they can be somewhat … Read more