[Solved] Java – Unable to access a HashMap within a HashMap

I’m not sure that I really understand your description of what you are doing, but this stands out: this.containers.put(this.currentHashMapKey, tempHashMap); // … tempHashMap.clear(); When you call clear(), you remove all entries from tempHashMap. Since this is the map object that you added as a value in the containers map, you are clearing it there as … Read more

[Solved] Is there a faster solution to solve this kind of job? [closed]

I’m not sure I understand your “job description”, but I think you want this: def find_matches(tuple_of_dicts, key_to_find): return [d for d in tuple_of_dicts if key_to_find in d] So: >>> tuple_of_dicts = ({18: None}, {10: None}, {16: None, 18: None, 5: None, 6: None, 7: None, 10: None}, {16: None}, {7: None}, {10: None}, {18: None}, … Read more

[Solved] Return words with characters [a,b,b,c]

Ideally you should try the steps 2 and 3 and come to SO when you are stuck with an issue and you can’t find an answer. For now, I will give you my approach – Just a pseudocode: for(int i=0;i<arr.length;i++) { Map<Character,Integer> temp = hm; for(Character c : arr[i].toCharArray()) { if(!temp.containsKey(c) or temp[c]<=0) break the … Read more

[Solved] How to retrieve an element inside a Map in Java?

Your ENUM values on the map seem like another map. Therefore I put it like this Map<Enum, Map<String, Object>> However, question is not clear! Here is one possible solution. import java.util.*; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { Map<Enum, Map<String, Object>> map = new HashMap<>(); Map<String, Object> value = new HashMap<>(); value.put(“String1”, … Read more

[Solved] How to access a HashMap from another class

Either make the information available by using statics (not recommended), use some kind of database (could be as simple as a text file) or pass an Intent along with your Activity. A nice tutorial on adding information to an Intent is found here: http://startandroid.ru/en/lessons/complete-list/241-lesson-28-extras-passing-data-using-intent.html 0 solved How to access a HashMap from another class

[Solved] Retrieve value in HashMap [closed]

A Map is a key-value pair, i.e., a value is associated to a key. Your code can be refactored as follows: Map<String, Object> details = taskManager.getFormDetails(appSessionURI, accessToken); //System.out.println(“Details :” + details); String fileName = (String)details.get(“fileName”); String refGene = (String)details.get(“refgene”); 3 solved Retrieve value in HashMap [closed]