[Solved] how to configure cypal plugins into eclipse [closed]

Using collections framework in Java, a developer has to use loops and make repeated checks. Another concern is efficiency; as multi-core processors are available at ease, a Java developer has to write parallel code processing that can be pretty error-prone. To resolve such issues, Java 8 introduced the concept of stream that lets the developer … Read more

[Solved] how to get substring items with in arraylist in java

you have two approaches: ArrayList<String> ar = new ArrayList(); ar.add(“UserId”); //adding item to arraylist ar.add(“Directory”); ar.add(“Username”); ar.add(“PhoneNumber”); // approach one using iteration for (Iterator<String> it = ar.iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) { String f = it.next(); if (f.equals(“UserId”)) System.out.println(“UserId found”); } // approach two using a colletion which supports fetching element by key Map<String,String> myMap=new HashMap<>(); for(String … Read more

[Solved] Pass by Ref Java. Integer ins’t modified, Collection is modified, Why? [duplicate]

In short: primitive types and “Primitive wrappers (Integer, Long, Short, Double, Float, Character, Byte, Boolean)” can not be altered via reference. Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immutable_object for Details 5 solved Pass by Ref Java. Integer ins’t modified, Collection is modified, Why? [duplicate]

[Solved] java how compare function works

The Comparable interface is used to compare two objects and their order. As per the Javadocs, the compareTo method should return 0 if the two objects are equal, any negative number if this object is “smaller” than the specified other, and any positive number if this object is “larger” than the specified other. What “smaller” … Read more

[Solved] Retrieve value in HashMap [closed]

A Map is a key-value pair, i.e., a value is associated to a key. Your code can be refactored as follows: Map<String, Object> details = taskManager.getFormDetails(appSessionURI, accessToken); //System.out.println(“Details :” + details); String fileName = (String)details.get(“fileName”); String refGene = (String)details.get(“refgene”); 3 solved Retrieve value in HashMap [closed]

[Solved] Create table using two dimensional array

Have you tried looking at ListViewItem and then populating a list view? If not then you can easily use a list of arrays, or even populate it in a foreach loop like bellow? foreach( var v in Muvees ) {ListViewItem movieToAdd = new ListViewItem(); movieToAdd.Text = v.movieid; movieToAdd.SubItems.Add(v.rating); movieToAdd.SubItems.Add(v.movieName); listOfMovies.Items.Add( movieToAdd ).BackColor = Color.Green;} //add … Read more

[Solved] List table=null; in java

This code declares a variable tables of type List<Data>, and initialize it to null. (I change your data to Data to match the java convention) I think you’re in trouble with the <Data> part. So let me say: List is a generic class, which can be parametrized with another type. You can write List<String> or … Read more

[Solved] How to check in Java whether the input Sentence is of palindrome(not exactly, but like that) in nature or not?

First take the words of str in an array. Then check whether the words in the forward order and the reverse order are same. String[] words = str.split(” “); //splits at spaces boolean flag = true; int i, last = words.length – 1; for(i = 0; i <= last/2; i++){ if(!words[i].equalsIgnoreCase(words[last – i])){ flag = … Read more

[Solved] Convert Map to List with new java 8 streams

As already mentioned in a comment by the user “soon”, this problem can be easily solved with flatMap and map: List<TestSession> list = mapList.entrySet().stream() .flatMap(e1 -> e1.getValue().stream() .map(e2 -> new TestSession(e1.getKey(), e2.getKey(), e2.getValue()))) .collect(Collectors.toList()); solved Convert Map to List with new java 8 streams