[Solved] Write a function that returns avg arrival delay by carrier by airport in R

This is what I was looking for avgDelay <- function(carrier, dest) { TempTotal = 0 TempCount = 0 for(i in 1:dim(delays)[1]) { if(delays$CARRIER[i] == carrier & delays$ARR_DELAY[i] >0 & is.na(delays$ARR_DELAY[i]) == FALSE & delays$DEST[i] == dest) { TempTotal <-TempTotal + delays$ARR_DELAY[i] TempCount <-TempCount + 1 # keeps count of the number of delays } } … Read more

[Solved] Make list of strings uppercase and fill up strings with less than 5 characters [closed]

Pointing out the mistakes/unnecessary lines in your code: The line split = strings.split().upper() is erroneous and at the same time unnecessary as you are mistakenly using strings (list) instead of string (string literal). Also, you can use len(string) directly instead of splitting the string into a list and finding the length of list. result.append(char * … Read more

[Solved] How do you invoke a method? [closed]

public class Arraymini { public static void main(String [] args){ int [] testArray1= {1,6,3,9,2}; double [] testArray2= {2.3, 8.66, 6.5, -9.2}; printArray(testArray1); printArray(testArray2); } public static void printArray(int []k){ for(int i=0; i<k.length; i++){ System.out.println(k[i]+” “); } } public static void printArray(double[]g){ for(int i=0; i<g.length; i++){ System.out.println(g[i]+” “); } } } solved How do you invoke … Read more

[Solved] How can i make a for loop with if else and make the good return type

Your use of for does not behave as you expect. You’re using this for-comprehension: for (data <- category(i)) { if (data.startsWith(x)) true else false } This expression “desugars” into (i.e. is shorthand for): category(i).foreach(data => { if (data.startsWith(x)) true else false }) foreach returns Unit, and therefore the type of this expression (and the type … Read more

[Solved] Break out of Python for loop

You could just iterate until 5 instead of 6 and print your message out of the loop: for counter in range(5): # Remove the if statement: # if counter == 5: # print(“”) # break myCar.accelerate() time.sleep(1) print(“Maximum speed reached!”) 1 solved Break out of Python for loop

[Solved] PHP: for-loops and if-statement

This line: $i = $integer; …is redundant, as soon as you say for($i = …, $i will be overwritten. In your case, so it should be. Take that line out to start with. Second, I think the problem you’re having is that your lines aren’t showing as black or red. Reason is that color is … Read more