[Solved] Fetching VB Variables to insert with SQL Query [closed]

To link VB variables to an SQL query, you need to add parameters that store the variables and then use those parameters in your SQL command: Using parameters MyCommand = New SqlCommand(“SELECT Height, Weight, DoB, Gender, FROM `User` WHERE Username = @Username”, DatabaseConnection) MyCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@Username”, Username) UPDATE: How to connect to database ‘Leads to the database … Read more

[Solved] Convert VB to C# ‘GetCustomAttribute’

You just have to cast to MessageHandler: InstanceType = (MessageHandler)System.Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(Method, typeof(MessageHandler), false); The clue is in this part of the error message: An explicit conversion exists (is a cast missing?) 0 solved Convert VB to C# ‘GetCustomAttribute’

[Solved] How to convert .Net code to vbscript?

You have to use the FileSystemObject. Hint: This could be googled very easily. Example: Sub HideFolderFiles(filespec) Dim fs, f, r Set fs = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) Set f = fs.GetFolder(filespec).Files f.attributes = 2 ‘hidden End Sub Source: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28054761/VBScript-to-set-file-attributes.html 2 solved How to convert .Net code to vbscript?

[Solved] What language is he using?

It does look like some template engine rather then separated language. You could read about the available template engines here. They essentially exchange the text encoded information to the underlying data, in your case I don’t know which particular engine it is, however it may be something made especially for this task so it is … Read more

[Solved] How to sort listbox with letters and numbers ascendent by numbers vb.net

It looks like you are actually looking for descending order. Anyways, here is a solution from one list to another: Dim myList As List(Of String) = {“test|10”, “name|44”, “blabla|16”}.ToList Dim orderedList As List(Of String) = (From item In myList Order By item.Substring(item.IndexOf(“|”) + 1) Descending Select item).ToList EDIT: This will sort the items as strings, … Read more