[Solved] Please solve these errors. I’m using dev++ compiler [closed]

The first error is a typo you wrote pememory. The second error appears because you didn’t code any transformation between Float and ptrFloat. You should add a copy constructor to Float: Float(const Float& a) : Float(*a.fmem_top) {} And then a conversion constructor to ptrFloat: ptrFloat(Float a) : Float(a) { pmem_top=pmemory; *pmem_top=abc; pmem_top++; } PS: your … Read more

[Solved] keep a separate file with php class and pass variable to it [closed]

Put the class in one file, then include it using any of these options: Includes: include ($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/includes/class.php’); Require: require ($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/includes/class.php’); Require Once: require_once ($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/includes/class.php’); Or you can target the class with ajax or a form: /includes/class.php?var=input In the class include you would use: if(!empty($_GET[‘var’])){ //Do some check here for validation //let’s say I’m expecting a … Read more

[Solved] Java Strings are immutable? [duplicate]

The object itself didn’t change. What you have done is the following name <- String(“Paul”) name <- String(“Henry”) String(“Paul”) has been not been changed. Try the following: String a = “test”; String b = a; a = “test2”; System.out.println(b); solved Java Strings are immutable? [duplicate]

[Solved] Iterating through a generic list property

Use var here, the compiler than will decide in the foreach loop from which type the SearchItem in the list is. In this example var is of type string/ SearchViewModel<string> vs = new SearchViewModel<string>(new List<string> { “1”,”2″,”3″}); foreach (var item in vs.SearchItems) { // logic, item in this case is string } solved Iterating through … Read more

[Solved] How to show all arrays without numbers etc

This is nothing related to PDO. You might wanna do this: for ($i = 0; $i < count($tijdlijn); $i++) print_r ($tijdlijn[$i][‘bericht’]); Or in a better way: foreach ($tijdlijn as $tijd) print_r ($tijd[‘bericht’]); 0 solved How to show all arrays without numbers etc

[Solved] Does the stream operator exist for class member functions?

It can be done easily like this: #include <iostream> class A { public: std::ostream &debug() const { std::cerr << “[timestamp]” << “[DEBUG]”; return std::cerr; } }; int main() { A a; a.debug() << “Test”; } But the important question here is: Should we implement it in this way? In my opinion, NO! Because you are … Read more