[Solved] How to consolidate overlap date in single

Now that I understand your issue, just subtract the 2 dates to determine the time frame difference: SELECT S.Id, S.Start_dt, S.End_dt, S.Division FROM Sample S JOIN ( SELECT S.Id, Max(S.end_dt-S.start_dt) as timeframe FROM Sample S GROUP BY S.Id ) S2 ON S.Id = S2.Id AND S.end_dt-S.start_dt = s2.timeframe Here is the Fiddle. Good luck. 3 … Read more

[Solved] PHP: Array key-value, how to show value by key?

<?php $MyArray = array(‘[email protected]’ => array(‘domain.de’,’domain.org’,’domain.eu’),’[email protected]’ => array(‘domain.net’)); foreach ($MyArray as $key => $value) { echo $key . ‘ has ‘. implode(‘, ‘, $value).'<br>’; } ?> output [email protected] has domain.de, domain.org, domain.eu [email protected] has domain.net 1 solved PHP: Array key-value, how to show value by key?

[Solved] Accessing struct member through unique_ptr gives segmentation fault [closed]

First, std::unique_ptr is a class not a struct, so get rid of the struct prefix on the pdfInfo variable declaration. You were probably thinking of this instead: std::unique_ptr<struct Canvas::LoadedPDFInfo> pdfInfo; But even when declaring variables (or type-casting) using actual struct types, you still do not need the struct prefix. C needs that, C++ does not. … Read more

[Solved] first program of OpenGL using c++ [closed]

You are using a cross-compiler for Windows, and you are trying to run the binary on Linux (I assume ubantu is a linux distribution). Just use normal g++ from apt-get install g++. Here’s a GLFW usage example, if you’d like to see some code. GLFW is cross-OS, so it will still work when compiled on … Read more

[Solved] Open a link when alert ok button is pressed [closed]

You don’t actually need pathAlert.delegate = self. You’ve already set the delegate in the initWithTitle:message:delegate:cancelButtonTitle:otherButtonTitles: method call. In your .h file, you need to do this: @interface YourViewControllerName : UIViewController <UIAlertViewDelegate> And in the .m file add this method: – alertView:(id)alert didDismissWithButton:(int)index { [[UIpplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@”foo”]; } Alternatively, and possibly better might be to … Read more