[Solved] Why are images duplicated with append()?

From the source code on your website, it seems that you might be attempting to remove images from the container before appending new images: $(‘#project_images’).html(”); However, that selector uses an underscore while the actual element uses a hyphen: <div id=”project-images”> Also, you are clearing the contents after appending images rather than before. I suggest using … Read more

[Solved] Changing vector in function by pointer

The function does not make sense. For starters it is unclear why you are using a pointer to the vector instead of a reference to the vector. Nevertheles, this declaration vector<unsigned char> vec(5); does not reseeve a memory for the vector. It initializes the vector with 5 zero-characters which will be appended with other characters … Read more

[Solved] Append not working like expected [closed]

You repeatedly append the same Mutation, and end up with multiple references to it in the list. If you want different Mutations, you have to make new ones. (I assume that’s what you think is the “problem”, as you never explicitly say what is wrong about the output.) 2 solved Append not working like expected … Read more

[Solved] How do I check elements of the list here [closed]

The definition of valid_list should be out of the for loop, otherwise it will be overwritten. Besides, use a flag_valid to indicate whether the invalid elements exist. Try this code: from itertools import permutations def code(): valid_list = [] for line,lists in enumerate(permutations(range(4))): flag_valid = True for index,elements in enumerate(lists): if index != len(lists) – … Read more

[Solved] jQuery append content increase [closed]

See this updated fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/huZzq/7/ Since you are having a count in cur variable, it can be used with eval() function as follows : b.append(eval(‘i’ + cur)); For removing : var index = c.attr(“value”).replace(“-“,””); (eval(‘i’ + (index))).remove(); 2 solved jQuery append content increase [closed]