[Solved] Facebook Objective C to Swift 4 [closed]

Seems like you are looking for this func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool { // Override point for customization after application launch. FBSDKApplicationDelegate.sharedInstance().application(application, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: launchOptions) return true } And func application(_ application: UIApplication, open url: URL, options: [UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsKey : Any]) -> Bool { return FBSDKApplicationDelegate.sharedInstance().application(application, open: url, sourceApplication: options[UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsKey.sourceApplication] as! String!, … Read more

[Solved] Recycler view like instagram

In your adapter class private static final int POSTER = 1; //for sliding item private static final int CHILDGROUP = 2; //normal items In getItemViewType() @Override public int getItemViewType(int position) { if (position == 0 ) return POSTER; else return CHILDGROUP; } In onCreateViewHolder() check which item & inflate layout as per item @Override public … Read more

[Solved] input class object into array of objects [closed]

You don’t need new there, because you have an array of actorData and not actorData pointers, and the error is saying that it can’t convert actorData pointer to actorData. So replace this line: actorOrder[index] = new actorData(iNewOrder, sNewActor); with this: actorOrder[index] = actorData(iNewOrder, sNewActor); 0 solved input class object into array of objects [closed]

[Solved] How Make the players waiting [closed]

Create a date object when the player loses NSDate *stopTime = [NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:0]; and store that date in NSUserDefaults. To check if the user has waited long enough, read the date from NSUserDefaults, and compute the delta between the stop time and the current time. For example, if the user needs to wait 15 minutes, … Read more

[Solved] Turn 1/0 to valid/invalid

simple as 1 == true and 0 == false if($validation === 1){ $validation = ‘valid’; } else { $validation = ‘invalid’; } have a reading of the php docs on boolean 1 solved Turn 1/0 to valid/invalid

[Solved] How to Parse using Regex in C# [closed]

Maybe this will help: string input =@”””POST /trusted HTTP/1.1″” “”″” 200 9 “”42″” 123456 A3rTW6ecEIcBACvMEbAACAJA”; var r = Regex.Matches( input, “((\”[^\”]+\”)|([^\” ]+))” ); foreach (var s in r) { System.Console.WriteLine(s); } System.Console.ReadLine(); 0 solved How to Parse using Regex in C# [closed]

[Solved] android-how to make a login?

On orientation change, all life cycle functions of the Activity are called, because it is reconstructed from zero. Your application must take this into account. The current activity goes onPause() onStop() onDestroy(), then the new Activity goes onCreate() onStart() onResume(), in that order. Therefore you must store the fact that you have logged in, in … Read more