[Solved] How isset() works?

isset($var) checks that the variable is defined in the current scope and its value is not null. Some examples: <?php isset($var); //false ?> <?php $var = null; isset($var); //false ?> <?php $var = “some string”; isset($var); //true ?> <?php $var = “”; isset($var); //true ?> <?php $var = false; isset($var); //true ?> solved How isset() … Read more

[Solved] Php if($var) used to work [closed]

You didn’t get the error before, because your error_reporting and/or display_error settings were set too forgiving. Your first snippet is attempting to access a value in an array that might not exist. If it doesn’t PHP always issues a notice. It’s only after the notice has been issued that it can be hushed up (by … Read more