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[Solved] How to use non-online images in CSS?

If, for example, your image is in the directory images, relative to the HTML file You would use <img src=”https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17406396/images” />. This will work both online and locally. 0 solved How to use non-online images in CSS?

[Solved] iOS Face Recognition

Vision Apply high-performance image analysis and computer vision techniques to identify faces, detect features, and classify scenes in images and video. see in Apple Docs here vision solved iOS Face Recognition

[Solved] OutOfMemoryException when using large images

use this : BitmapFactory.Options options=new BitmapFactory.Options(); options.inSampleSize = 8; Bitmap preview_bitmap=BitmapFactory.decodeStream(is,null,options); for more detail see this link link 1 solved OutOfMemoryException when using large images

[Solved] Find link URL in string not image

This will do it. Short explanations on how it works can be found in the codes comments: <?php # fixed syntax error string $string = “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet <img src=\”” />”; function make_clickable($text) { # explode string…

[Solved] get image from hexa string

The solution (in collaboration with OP) is: import PIL from binascii import unhexlify import zlib from cStringIO import StringIO sdata = “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” fh = StringIO(zlib.decompress(unhexlify(sdata))) image = PIL.Image.open(fh) PIL is the Python Imaging Library, and using StringIO, I pretend to…