[Solved] How to get an image of each letter from image with text [closed]

As a basic technique, use binarization and connected component analysis. This will give you “blobs” corresponding to the individual characters and you can get their bounding boxes. You will face extra difficulties: some characters can touch and form a single blob. You will need some detection logics to split them, for instance based on size … Read more

[Solved] Android: Download personal’s information from server [duplicate]

There exist a lot of libraries that can be used for loading the images from server. Listing out some of them Picasso UIL Most of the image loading libraries provide caching mechanism, so that there is no need to store the images over phone’s storage. solved Android: Download personal’s information from server [duplicate]

[Solved] How to use non-online images in CSS?

If, for example, your image is in the directory images/image.png, relative to the HTML file You would use <img src=”https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17406396/images/image.png” />. This will work both online and locally. 0 solved How to use non-online images in CSS?

[Solved] Android layout with one side round [closed]

I’m not sure I understand your question. But if you’re trying to create a round image (like the profile pic in your Images), you have multiple options. The simplest option is to use a library. There are multiple libraries out there, but my favourite would be: https://github.com/hdodenhof/CircleImageView If you don’t wish to use a library, … Read more