[Solved] Overload a toString Method

First of all, toString method comes from object class, don’t try to make multiple of those methods or anything like that, have everything in one method. As to your problem, you can make a variable String description for your class, and initialize it in constructor and then in toString just return that variable. You can … Read more

[Solved] How can i Overload Method in c#? [closed]

To overload, you specify a method of the same type and name but with different parameters. for example: public int Foo(int bar) { return bar*2 } public int Foo(string bar) { return bar.Length*2; } Then when you reference the Foo method, you get 1 overload, the string parameter one. HOWEVER, The age part of your … Read more

[Solved] Overloaded C++ function float parameters error [duplicate]

The function call func(1.14, 3.33) is ambiguous because 1.14 and 3.33 are doubles and both can be converted to either int or float. Therefore the compiler does not know which function to call. You can fix this by explicitly specifying the type of the constants func(float(1.14), float(3.33)) or by changing the overload from func(float, float) … Read more

[Solved] Write a program to elaborate the concept of function overloading using pointers as a function arguments? [closed]

As the comments stated, it’s not entirely clear where your problem is. It would be nice if you included an example for what you want to understand better, anyway, here’s an example: #include <iostream> void foo(int x) { std::cout << x << std::endl; } void foo(int* x) { std::cout << (*x + 1) << std::endl; … Read more

[Solved] Function overloaded by bool and enum type is not differentiated while called using multiple ternary operator in C++

That is because the ternary operator always evaluates to a single type. You can’t “return” different types with this operator. When the compiler encounters such an expression he tries to figure out whether he can reduce the whole thing to one type. If that’s not possible you get a compile error. In your case there … Read more