[Solved] can’t multiply matrix and list which type ‘float’

You are multiplying a list by a float. You should multiply each row of the matrix with words. Something like this will work. multiply_nonspam_test = [] for row in transpose_test_feature: multiply_nonspam_test.append([x*y for x,y in zip(row, log_train_probs_nonspam_words)]) print multiply_nonspam_test 0 solved can’t multiply matrix and list which type ‘float’

[Solved] how to Multiply 2 columns from different tables but same database mysqli php [closed]

$con = mysqli_connect(“localhost”, “root”, “”, “zoo”); if (mysqli_connect_error()) { echo “Failed to connect” . mysqli_connect_error(); } $sel = “select (quantity* bill) as total from animal inner join price on animal.id=price.animal_id group by price.animal_id”; $result = mysqli_query($con, $sel); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { echo “<tr>”; echo”<td>” . $row[‘total’] . “</td>”; } Before copy and paste check … Read more

[Solved] Problem doing multiplication operation in a select between a float and an integer in sqlite [closed]

Sqlite uses ., not , for the decimal point in a floating pointer number (Do any sql databases accept a comma for it?). When you multiply a number (4) by a string (‘99,99′) the leading numeric portion of the string is converted to a number, so you’re seeing the result of 4 * 99. (SELECT … Read more

[Solved] How to multiply list by integer within dictionary?

Your code is duplicating every corresponding list (values) in example1 as many times as the values in example2. Your code is similar to: >>>>two_items = [“A”,”B”] >>>>number = [3] >>>>result = two_items*number[0] [‘A’, ‘B’, ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘A’, ‘B’] To make this clear, it works like string multiplication: >>>>my_string=”Hello ” >>>>print(my_string * number[0]) Hello Hello Hello … Read more

[Solved] Why does this multiplication cause an OverflowException?

I’m guessing that tsidx and StreamDataBlockSize are Integer types. The largest number an Integer type can hold is 2,147,483,647. The multiplication in brackets is then done expecting an integer result, but the answer is out of the range of Integer types. Change your code to .. Dim position As Long = hisFileHeader.StreamStartDataPosition + (CLng(TSIdx) * … Read more

[Solved] how to do multiply-all function in RACKET

For the simplest solution, use apply for this: (define (multiply-all lst) (apply * lst)) If you need to build the procedure from scratch, just remember that the base case (an empty list) should return 1, and the recursive step should multiply the current value using the standard solution template, like this: (define (multiply-all lst) (if … Read more