[Solved] I need help!!! error with input in sqlite3, I’m new to this [closed]

The problem is the way you’re building your query string. String values need to be wrapped in single quotes, otherwise they will be interpreted as DB objects (table name, column name, …). strConsulta= “insert into tabla(nombre,autor,year) values (‘”+nombre1+”‘,'”+autor1+”‘,”+year1+”)” You can avoid this issue by using parameterized queries: params = [nombre1, autor1, year1] strConsulta= “insert into … Read more

[Solved] Selecting more than one value

You probably want something like this SELECT Name, Composer, REPLACE(Composer,”https://stackoverflow.com/”,’,’) AS Make FROM tracks But it really is impossible to tell for sure given that you don’t tell us any of the table or field names in your database and very little about your database model solved Selecting more than one value

[Solved] Sqlite select value as id to other table

You need to fix your table A so it is in First Normal Form: Name Value a 13889483-d92a-483e-9e16-471cb22b82a3 a a7ced9c5-e7bc-4214-be77-a26d8f86844b Then you can connect the tables using a SQL join: SELECT B.* FROM A JOIN B ON B.Name = A.Value WHERE A.Name=”a” solved Sqlite select value as id to other table

[Solved] android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: near “)”: syntax error (code 1): [closed]

change your query to this , you’re missing some spaces and also you must remove the last comma from the query @Override public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) { String query = “CREATE TABLE ” + TABLE_PRODUCTS + “(” + COLUMN_ID + ” INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, ” + COLUMN_PRODUCTNAME + ” TEXT, ” + COLUMN_VENUE + … Read more

[Solved] SQL and calling a function

No code after login.go() will be executed until the GUI is closed – calling login.go() starts the GUI’s event loop, this is where tktiner is checking for events. I would define the function at the top of your code, and then put the line that calls GetNews(usr) on the line before login.go() If the GetNews(usr) … Read more