[Solved] How to prevent optimization on a class field in C#

I have a local copy here with Parse written as the rather opaque: public void Parse(string[] args) { // deliberately opaque, not that it would make any difference string fieldName = (new string(‘S’, 1) + “ilentX”).Substring(0, 6); GetType().GetField(fieldName).SetValue(this, true); } It works fine. I do not believe the problem is what you think it is. … Read more

[Solved] time complexity for following function

Upto my knowledge, most common time complexity notation is Big-O, I’ll share same in this answer. Time complexity is O(1), with an assumption that Math.Pow calculation is O(1) and .ToString() method is O(1). It is O(1) because each step will be executed only once. In gerenal, if we take .ToString().Length time complexity into account then … Read more

[Solved] How does GCC store member functions in memory?

For the purpose of in-memory data representation, a C++ class can have either plain or static member functions, or virtual member functions (including some virtualdestructor, if any). Plain or static member functions do not take any space in data memory, but of course their compiled code take some resource, e.g. as binary code in the … Read more

[Solved] Can someone help me find the bottleneck in this code?

That’s because allLogs is lazy in nature — it will actually hit the database when first enumerated through in the foreach (see “Deferred query execution” here). If you materialize the collection before hand like the following, you will see that it steps through the foreach quickly: db.StatusLogs .Where(sl => sl.ID.Value.Equals(foo)) .GroupBy(sl=>sl.bar) .ToList(); // <– pull … Read more

[Solved] In plain C, without using strlen or any library function that uses strlen, how do you find whether one string is contained in another?

Removing the variable flag is deceptively easy by the way, as the only cases (using your algorithm as shown) where your function should return true is if either s1 is empty or the condition !*c is true. In all other cases it should return false. So your function, without any other modifications, could easily be … Read more

[Solved] Optimize Javascript code [closed]

You could use a JQuery function called toggleScript, that will make your code shorter. Also it would be better to call all your variables not only num1 and num2 in order to make your code more readable. When you saved an element into a variable – you don’t have to call ${} one more time, … Read more

[Solved] How to reduce redundant coding in java?

I assume that the isHttps variable check is there for a reason(?) and therefore the second cast should actually be HttpURLConnection, meaning there is a typo in the question? If so the most methods used in the question are available in the parent class URLConnection without a cast, but not all. Fortunately HttpsURLConnection is a … Read more