[Solved] Can we Write For loop as a function?

You could do this, but you probably shouldn’t: def forn(n): def new_func(func): for i in range(n): func(i) return func return new_func @forn(10) def f(i): print(i) or this: def forn(n, func) return [func(i) for i in range(n)] x = forn(10, lambda x: x**2) But these are more verbose and less readable than for i in range(10): … Read more

[Solved] for loop assingment javascript

You can sequentially loop through the string and append the inverted character to another string. You can check whether the character is lowercase or not by converting it to lowercase (with String.toLowerCase) and checking whether the result is equal to the original. let swappedName = “elZerO”; let res = “”; for (let i = 0; … Read more

[Solved] python2.7 create array in loop [closed]

After 4 days of trying I found the answer myself. Thanks for the great help guys… import numpy DARK = [] a = [] stack = [] for i in range(0,3): # create 3d numpy array d = numpy.array([[1, 2], [3, 4]]) a.append(d) stack.append(numpy.array(a)) # write it into the actual variable DARK.append(numpy.array(numpy.median(stack[i], 0))) solved python2.7 … Read more

[Solved] Write a programme to input 10 numbers from the user and print greatest of all

If you have an array declared like int a[N]; where N is some positive integer value then the valid range of indices to access elements of the array is [0, N). It means that for example this for loop for(i=1;i<=10;i++) { printf(“enter 10 nos. for arr[%d] :”,i); scanf(“%d”,&arr[i]); } must look like for ( i … Read more

[Solved] Analysis complexity, in for inside for, the 2nd for depeneds from the first one [closed]

Introduction Analysis complexity is an important concept in computer science, as it helps to determine the efficiency of algorithms. In particular, the analysis of complexity in a for inside for loop is important, as the complexity of the second for loop depends on the first one. This article will discuss the analysis of complexity in … Read more

[Solved] Increasing argument name in a for-loop [closed]

Individual parameters aren’t iterable; you’d need a collection for that. Try changing it to an array instead: public void increment(int increment1, int increment2, int increment3) { int[] array = {increment1, increment2, increment3}; for(int i = 1; i < array.length; i++){ array[i] = 1; } } or public void increment(int[] increment) { for(int i = 1; … Read more