[Solved] How to know if a DNS server is an open resolver?

The way we did it in the Zonemaster project was to send the name server in question a SOA query with the RD flag set for the almost certainly non-existent name xx–domain-cannot-exist.xx–illegal-syntax-tld. If the response is NXDOMAIN, the name server has performed a recursive query and is therefore an open recursor. If the response is … Read more

[Solved] Rails, Heroku – configuring 123-reg domain for heroku

The first issue is that you have conflicting CNAME entries. Start by removing all CNAME entries where the hostname is “www”. Then create one new CNAME entry. The hostname field should be “www” and the Destination CNAME should be your Heroku app hostname “rainbow-mutiny-636.herokuapp.com”. Now go to your Rails app directory and run heroku domains … Read more

[Solved] Plot a three variables function over the specified domain in MATLAB [closed]

its still a little unclear as to what you’re trying to accomplish. Is this what you’re trying to do?: x1=0.5:.01:1.6; x2=280:0.453:330; x3=-2.06:.0373:2.06; V = x1.^2+x2.^2+x3.^2+3.*x1.*x3-x2.*x3-4.*x2.*x1; subplot(3,1,1) plot(V,x1) subplot(3,1,2) plot(V,x2) subplot(3,1,3) plot(V,x3) 3 solved Plot a three variables function over the specified domain in MATLAB [closed]

[Solved] Created Two DNS in two different Provider

What is the solution for me to point www.domain.com to my web app domain.azurewebsites.net and without affect mail.domain.com? We can add CNAME record to your web app service like this: Host type value www CNAME xxx.domain.azurewebsites.net how about if I set cname * and point to domain.azurewebsites.net, will it affect mail.domain.com? If you set CNAME … Read more

[Solved] WHAT is “IN” in DNS records? [closed]

A simple INternet search would have brought you to Wikipedia, where the following is stated on DNS Record Classes: The CLASS of a record is set to IN (for Internet) for common DNS records involving Internet hostnames, servers, or IP addresses. In addition, the classes Chaos (CH) and Hesiod (HS) exist.[34] Each class is an … Read more

[Solved] Best DNS web based management and slave/master installer linux

Okay I found for now, two things, SMManager https://bobcares.com/blog/simple-management-for-bind/ Second is WEBMIN which I suggest and in my opinion is the best ATM Here are webmin installation tutorial by DO https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-webmin-on-ubuntu-16-04 https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-webmin-on-ubuntu-18-04 Regards. 1 solved Best DNS web based management and slave/master installer linux