[Solved] What are the problems when switch region on the Amazon web server?

It sounds like your situation is: You are currently running an Amazon EC2 instance in either the Frankfurt or Ireland regions You wish to use a different region There’s two answers to this question, and it depends on whether you want to “move” an instance to another region, or just “use” another region. Using another … Read more

[Solved] About RecycleView [closed]

first, u have to create an adapter extending RecyclerView.Adapter class and a ViewHolder, extending RecyclerView.ViewHolder. Adapter and ViewHolder controls how your data will be displayed in RecyclerView. The best examples are in official Google docs on https://developer.android.com/training/material/lists-cards.html?hl=en https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/layout/recyclerview.html solved About RecycleView [closed]

[Solved] Created Two DNS in two different Provider

What is the solution for me to point www.domain.com to my web app domain.azurewebsites.net and without affect mail.domain.com? We can add CNAME record to your web app service like this: Host type value www CNAME xxx.domain.azurewebsites.net how about if I set cname * and point to domain.azurewebsites.net, will it affect mail.domain.com? If you set CNAME … Read more