[Solved] how to fix error: “the prelaunchtask ‘c/c++: gcc build active file’ terminated with exit code -1” [closed]

Introduction Solution Don’t use special shell characters in your file names. & is special, so C&Cpp will bite you, again and again and again and again AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Special shell characters in filenames are not illegal, and you can use them if you really want to, but… The alternative is to fix all … Read more

[Solved] Ubuntu Cronjob with rsync

To reduce the amount of space you use significantly, you’ll need to reduce the number of copies you keep. This is the 2nd argument to the script. So if you run every 3 days, and want to keep a month of backups, change it to: ../rsyncsnapshot.sh daily 10 0 solved Ubuntu Cronjob with rsync

[Solved] how ca I get variable from ubuntu and insert it to the php file [closed]

Probably, you want to pass the arguments from the command line as follows: php /path/to/www/path/to/script.php arg1 arg2 In PHP script, you can access the variables as follows. <?php // $argv[0] is ‘/path/to/wwwpublic/path/to/script.php’ $argument1 = $argv[1]; $argument2 = $argv[2]; ?> Please let me know your thoughts. 1 solved how ca I get variable from ubuntu and … Read more

[Solved] Memory layout of C program

In general, memory is laid out as such: High Addresses ————– | Stack | ————— | | ————— | Heap | ————— | Static Data | ————— | Code | ————— Low Adresses When you initialize a local variable like a, b, age, each variable is allowed to occupy a space on the the stack … Read more

[Solved] Input path does not exist

The error is pretty self explanatory, so it is probably something simple that you are missing. Can you modify your script and run it as shown below. Please modify the “fileName” value to where you think the file is. import java.nio.file.{Paths, Files} import sys.process._ /************ Modify this line with your data’s file name **************/ val … Read more

[Solved] SDL2 Exporting to linux

Well I solved the problem i was installing wrong SDL2 libraries: used these: sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev sudo apt-get install libsdl2-image-dev sudo apt-get install libsdl2-ttf-dev 1 solved SDL2 Exporting to linux

[Solved] Thinnest operating system supporting virtualization apps like VirtualBox? [closed]

There exist rancher (http://rancher.com/rancher-os/) which can solve this problem as follows Its a 30-40mb operating system as bootable ISO so no questions of crash with power outages, can always reboot from ISO. One can load docker images which shall be of Ubuntu / Windows thereby eliminating footprint needs in terms of thin OS and no … Read more

[Solved] How ubuntu software center make “search” operation? [closed]

It is open-source and it might even use Python. To find out what package installs Software Center: $ apt-file find -F /usr/bin/software-center software-center: /usr/bin/software-center To download the source code: $ mkdir software-center $ cd software-center/ $ apt-get source software-center Look for the word ‘search’ in the source code. utils/search_query.py seems relevant. It looks like it … Read more

[Solved] How to run a java applet code

To draw the I love you text you can call: g.drawString(…) method and position it over the T-Shirt. Next to draw a heart shape, you can call the same method using the ASCII’s heart shape: ♥ But be sure to use a nice (big enough) font so it can be visualized correctly, for example: g.setFont(new … Read more