[Solved] how to fix error: “the prelaunchtask ‘c/c++: gcc build active file’ terminated with exit code -1” [closed]

Introduction Solution Don’t use special shell characters in your file names. & is special, so C&Cpp will bite you, again and again and again and again AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Special shell characters in filenames are not illegal, and you can use them if you really want to, but… The alternative is to fix all … Read more

[Solved] “Java is not recognised as an internal or external command” in vs code even though I am trying to use kotlin. I properly set the path also

This error occurs because you have not installed the Java JDK. How to use Kotlin in VS code First you need to install the following programs on your machine Install Java JDK on the computer system Install Kotlin on your computer system VS code install plugin Kotlin Language VS code install plugin Code Runner installation … Read more

[Solved] I added python to path when installed but recieved warning “Python is not installed”

Use ctrl+shift+p to open the command palette and search for Python:Select Interpreter (or click select interpreter in the lower right corner). If the panel shows an interpreter, select the available interpreter. If the panel doesn’t have an interpreter option. Please select the first item Enter interpreter path. Then paste the full path to your python.exe … Read more

[Solved] I’m writing my first ever java program and it’s not compiling for a certain reason [duplicate]

basically the compiler tells you whats wrong. It says, “class main is public, should be declared in a file named main.java”. Java has a naming rule, that a class inside a java file needs to match that file name. Example 1: Filename -> File.java inside that file: public class Main{ … does violate that rule … Read more

[Solved] Go extension loading forever [closed]

The maintainer for the extension provided a list of troubleshoot methods, please try it and if any of it fixed your problem please post it and share with the community. Troubleshooting Doc UPDATE: Install/Update Tools is the solution despite being on the latest version. It make still be necessary to run this 1 solved Go … Read more