[Solved] Why location 0x00000000 is accessible if it is a flash memory

The decision as to what happens when using what address is rather complex. It depends on the processor architecture, OS and sometimes “what some software does”. The processor may not have memory protection, or address zero may indeed be “used for something” (in x86 real-mode, that DOS runs in, address zero contains the vector table, … Read more

[Solved] New class object error : Object reference not set to an instance of an object [duplicate]

This is your problem: _cache.TryGetValue(“CountsStats”, out countStats) out will change the object that countStats is pointing to. If it’s found in the cache, then it will be the cached object. Great! If it isn’t, then it will be null. You need to create a new instance in this case. You should change your code to … Read more

[Solved] What happens when EditText has a null? [closed]

If the EditText has no contents, it will return a blank string, or a “” In order to return with 0, simply set up an if statement: EditText editText = (EditText) mParent.findViewById(Rid_something); String string = editText.getText().toString().trim(); if (string.equals(“”)) { return “0”; } else { return string; } This will return 0 if blank, or the … Read more

[Solved] Why is this object reference supposedly not set to an instance of an object that has obviously been identified by the compiler?

The fix ended up being simple, and even logical, in hindsight. The controls are dynamically added to the form, like so: formCustCatMaint.Controls.Add(coName) And so, replacing this line, in the loop: For Each cntrl As Control In Me.Controls …with this: For Each cntrl As Control In formCustCatMaint.Controls And this line, in the GetLabelTextForID() function: For Each … Read more

[Solved] ASP.net Null Reference Exception Due to Not Finding Controls

In my experience, DIV’s are not registered to the server like ASP controls are so calling them directly would produce bad results. When making changes to the controls, i.e. adding styles, make sure you tell ASP what kind of control you have. For example: HtmlGenericControl _fail = (HtmlGenericControl)Page.FindControl(“fail”); _fail.Style.Item(“visibility”) = “hidden”; Edit: The problem lies … Read more

[Solved] Short-Circuit If Condition Does not work

In your example you can have TWO different causes for the NullReferenceException: – Value `user` is null; – `user.FirstName` is null. I assume you’ve checked already if user is not null, so lets skip that one. Now lets assume that user.FirstName is null, what happens then? The first condition string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(user.FirstName) will result to true. Is … Read more

[Solved] Missing Syntax for displaying data in listview [duplicate]

You are getting null object exception because you have not initialise SQLiteDatabase before do operation Just need to replace your method public void executeEventInsert(String name, String score){ //For write data to your database SQLiteDatabase db = this.getWritableDatabase(); String query=”INSERT INTO universityFinder(univName, score) VALUES(‘”+name+”‘,'”+score+”‘);”; db.execSQL(query); } and public ArrayList<HashMap<String,String>> executeSelectEvents(int input){ String query=”select * from “+TABLE_NAME+ … Read more