[Solved] New to C#, can anyone explain to me how enums and setting variables for enums works? [closed]

An enum is basically a special type that lets you define named values. You’re creating a named type just as you would if you were defining a class. What your code is actually doing is first defining your enumerated type called States with all the possible named values, then declaring a variable “myState” using the … Read more

[Solved] Escaping a dot in c# [closed]

That’s not how enums work. You need something like this: private enum UserAgents { MSIE70, MSIE60, MSIE50 } But then you have to worry about getting the string value out of it, the flags don’t match the string representation either. You could decorate them with DescriptionAttributes but then you still have to do all the … Read more

[Solved] What is a Java enum? [closed]

create enum with file name EnumDay.java public enum EnumDay { SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY,NAVEED } and testclass with file name EnumTest.java public class EnumTest { EnumDay day; public EnumTest(EnumDay day) { this.day = day; } public void tellItLikeItIs() { switch (day) { case MONDAY: System.out.println(“Mondays are bad.”); break; case FRIDAY: System.out.println(“Fridays are … Read more

[Solved] Referring to c++ enums [closed]

In all versions of C++, the second version (Foo::States::BAR) using scope syntax is the more conventional and will be less surprising for future maintainers of your code. Since the value is a constant, there is no need for an instance of the class, so this is similar to how static methods are most often called … Read more

[Solved] How do I convert a parameterised enum/ enum with associated values from Swift to Objective-C? [closed]

Let me explain your code for you: NSString *isoFormat = ISO8601DateFormatType; (assigns string ISO8601 to isoFormat) NSString *dateFormat = (isoFormat != nil) ? isoFormat : ISO8601DateFormatType; (isoFormat is never nil so the condition is always true. If it were false, we would again assign string ISO8601). NSDateFormatter *formatter = … (we get some formatter, it … Read more

[Solved] C++ How can I access to an inner enum class?

P0W’s answer is correct on both counts, but in case you simply want to output the underlying value, then it may be simpler to cast rather than overload the insertion operator. using enum_type = std::underlying_type<Apple::color>::type; enum_type value = (enum_type)Apple::color::green; std::cout << value << ‘\n’; 2 solved C++ How can I access to an inner enum … Read more

[Solved] Swift enum: “Extraneous ‘.’ in enum ‘case’ declaration” [closed]

Swift enumeration cases are defined as case someName, not case .someName. This is an easy syntax error when declaring a new enum’s cases, as in most other situations you will be typing .someName via dot syntax. But when first declaring that enum case, it’s case someName without the period. enum SomeEnum { case one case … Read more