[Solved] Getting error “Incorrect syntax near ‘,'”

You are appending mainmenu.tbxSelected whereas I suspect that your intention was to append mainmenu.tbxSelected.Text The former would probably result in a fully qualified typename in your WHERE clause, which would contain commas. As an aside, you should be aware that constructing SQL in this way leaves you potentially open to SQL Injection attacks. If that’s … Read more

[Solved] What is wrong with my translator? (Python) [closed]

I assume you want something like: def answer(plaintext): words = {“a”:’100000′,”b”:’110000′,”c”:’100100′,”d”:’100110′,”e”:’100010′,”f”:’110100′,”g”:’110110′,”h”:’110010′,”i”:’010100′,”j”:’010110′,”k”:’101000′,”l”:’111000′,”m”:’101100′,”n”:’101110′,”o”:’101010′,”p”:’111100′,”q”:’111110′,”r”:’111010′,”s”:’011100′,”t”:’011110′,”u”:’101001′,”v”:’111001′,”w”:’010111′,”x”:’010111′,”y”:’101011′,”z”:’101011′} inputList = plaintext.split(‘,’) for word in inputList: print words[word] text = “j,o,s,e” answer(text) You had a bunch of typos in your dict, pay attention to the traceback, it tells you exactly what’s wrong. You also never actually called the function you defined. You probably … Read more

[Solved] PHP website debug [duplicate]

First of all, paste your code correctly… You are missing </table> and </form> in the end… Second of all, you were missing a simple apostrophe and a semi-colon in the line $result = mysquli_query($con, ‘select * from account where username=”‘.$username.'” and password=”‘.$password.'”) Also, you should use mysqli_query instead of mysqlui_query… Typo! Your code should be … Read more