[Solved] Validation in a C++ Program [closed]

You can test for input success with an if: if (cin >> ch) … To ask the user to enter input again, you’ll need a loop, and you also need to call cin.clear() to restore the stream’s state: cout << “\n Enter your choice(1,2,3,9)”: cin >> ch; while (!cin) { cout << “Invalid input. Please … Read more

[Solved] Hide custom cell image

Create UITableViewCell.h and .m file. Create some variable like UILabel and UIImageView object in files and make it IBOutlet and bind them with cell .xib file. Inside UITableView implementation, and in “cellForRowAtIndexPath” you can use that custom UITableViewCell class object and use that synthesize variable of UILable and UIImageView and use it to show or … Read more

[Solved] Ways of banning someone from a website [closed]

It would be impossible to stop him completely, but you can make it much harder for him. Cookies You can attept to store a cookie on the banned users computer. As long as the user doesn’t delete his cookies or change browser, you can ban his new ips. Registration You can require new users to … Read more

[Solved] Pass Object to Class via Constructor [closed]

Your code is not working because: You need a semicolon after the declaration of a class static is not a valid type static objects have to be initialized outside of their definition in the class in order to be used elsewhere in the code. You need something like: Fred Fred::sharedFred; before main Declaration of a … Read more

[Solved] Find and parse url in dom-element value using RegExp and jQuery [closed]

Try: var value = $(“param[name=”movie”]”).val();//get attribyte value if(value && (value = value.match(/secEncCode=(\w+)/))){//reg exp value = value[1];//get first pocket console.log(value);//res } http://jsfiddle.net/xbQxw/ update by comment If you want change secEncCode value: var param = $(“param[name=”movie”]”),//get obj value=param.val(),//get attribyte value key; if(value && (key = value.match(/secEncCode=(\w+)/))){//reg exp key = key[1];//get first pocket param.val(value.replace(key, “YOUR NEW KEY”));//replace key … Read more

[Solved] PHP error: “syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘)’ [closed]

You have issued an if statement. So Naturally, PHP looks to complete the statement. Hence why your getting the error stating an expected closing bracket. Remove your if statement and your code should look like this: if(OS == “XP”){ header(‘Location: XP.html’); exit(); } PHP error reporting isn’t the best tool in the world. It alerts … Read more

[Solved] How to refer to an array? [closed]

You shouldn’t need an array of points, at least not in this case. A center can only be one point: self.center = CGPointMake(10,10); The first integer is the x coordinate and the second is the y. Update: If I understand your question in the comments, you can do this: for (int i = 0; i … Read more

[Solved] php help – need to echo php using strings

Concatenate. $tests[] = “http://www.123.com/folder/subfolder.php?u=”.$var2; $tests[] = “http://www.456.com?u=”.$var2.”&myimagelink&mydescription”; $tests[] = “http://www.some-other-site.com/okay/?u=”.$var2.”&myimagelink&mydescription”; Or even simpler, $tests[] = “http://www.123.com/folder/subfolder.php?u=$var2”; $tests[] = “http://www.456.com?u=$var2&myimagelink&mydescription”; $tests[] = “http://www.some-other-site.com/okay/?u=$var2&myimagelink&mydescription”; 1 solved php help – need to echo php using strings