[Solved] Why can’t I get the value of input element [closed]

its document.getElementById not document.getElementByID javascript is Javascript is case sensitive var un = document.getElementById(‘user’).value; var pw = document.getElementById(‘pass’).value; not var un = document.getElementByID(‘user’).value; var pw = document.getElementByID(‘pass’).value; solved Why can’t I get the value of input element [closed]

[Solved] Joining queries

SELECT a.id, a.name, a.player_count, a.rating, AVG(p.total_people_count) AS `average` FROM p_alliances a INNER JOIN p_players p ON (p.alliance_id = a.id) GROUP BY a.id ORDER BY a.rating DESC, a.player_count DESC, a.id ASC LIMIT %s,%s If there could be 0 players you might want to change INNER JOIN to LEFT JOIN, but it may impact performance in mysql. … Read more

[Solved] how to modify this single thread into multithreading in c# .net [closed]

This appears to already be multi-threaded. Try adding logging code to the start and end of each FileGenerationForXXX method so you can see the four methods starting together and stopping separately. private void FileGenerationForITD() { eventlog1.WriteEntry(“FileGenerationForITD started.”); … eventlog1.WriteEntry(“FileGenerationForITD finished.”); } Additionally, you can knock out all of the if statements. The thread objects are … Read more

[Solved] Shining Image jquery plugin not work

You said you have a reference to it so this is probably the issue: You are referencing the JQuery scripts again in the page, thus overriding the Shining Image plugin which declared before the second reference. JQuery plugins extends the JQuery object, So if you reference JQuery again it overrides the “extended” JQuery object. Check … Read more

[Solved] VBA code or macro copying cell value [closed]

try this: Sub AddName() Dim lr As Long, i As Long, count As Long Dim Team As String, Sport As String, NewPlayer As String Team = “Pink Team” Sport = InputBox(“What Sport do you wish to add a name to?”, “Sport”) NewPlayer = InputBox(“What is the name of the player you wish to add?”, “New … Read more

[Solved] What is Debugging in android [duplicate]

Android Studio includes a debugger that enables you to debug apps running on the Android Emulator or a connected Android device. With the Android Studio debugger, you can do the following: Select a device to debug your app on. Set breakpoints in your Java and C/C++ code. Examine variables and evaluate expressions at runtime. Capture … Read more

[Solved] How I can push that button in browser console?

document.getElementById(‘foo’).click(); This does the trick. Give it id instead of class and you will be able to do it. If you can’t give it an ID and need to use the class this will do: var foo = document.getElementsByClassName(‘foo’); foo[0].click(); 12 solved How I can push that button in browser console?

[Solved] Nesting method calls in java

fact(fact(3)) means to get the the return of the function fact(3) and use it as argument again in another call to fact. Split it up to understand it better. fact(fact(3)) means the same as: int value = fact(3); fact(value); solved Nesting method calls in java