[Solved] How do I compare chars (or strings) using void functions, also comparing chars that were taken from a struct array

If I understand you correctly, you have a structure containing several members of different types and you are looking for a way how you could compare instances of this struct. It could look the following way: struct X { std::string s; char c; int i; bool operator==(const X& ref) { return s == ref.s && … Read more

[Solved] C# convert a number into words

Change your method to private string NumbersToWords(int number) { string word = “”; if (number == 8) { word = “Eight”; } return word; } Previously you did not return a value, indicated by void. 3 solved C# convert a number into words

[Solved] c++ pointer void function issue [closed]

circleType::setRadius; double radius = circle.getRadius; The first line doesn’t do anything. The second line tries to set a variable of type double equal to a function. Perhaps you want to call these functions? This is what non-operator member function calls look like in C++: double area = circle.areaCir(radius); double circumferance = circle.circumCir(radius); circle.printCir(circumferance, area); So … Read more

[Solved] How to get value from void method? [closed]

You might set your Matrix properties based on the Dimension like class Matrix implements MatrixInterface { private Integer width; private Integer height; void GetSize(Dimension dim) { this.width = dim.width; this.height = dim.height; } } // Please note that this code isn’t clean. Or maybe the Getter is in fact a Setter. class Matrix implements MatrixInterface … Read more

[Solved] Method Class Project

Read up on the return keyword. An example of getters and setters methods can be found at How do getters and setters work?. A setter method is a method which sets a variable in your class. Getter methods give the variable to whatever calls the method. Getters: In a main method: String s = MethodClassProject.getBrand(); … Read more

[Solved] Swift Version 2 Bool [closed]

Boolean values in Swift are true and false, YES and NO is used in Objective C. So in your stopRunning method for instance, you should write: @IBAction func stopRunnng(sender: UIButton) { tmrRun invalidate() btnGo.userInteractionEnabled = true btnStop.userInteractionEnabled = false sliSpeed.userInteractionEnabled = true } (sidenote, you don’t need the ; in Swift either) About the void … Read more