[Solved] Unit Testing with ForEach [closed]

There is probably a lot you could do, but the first thing to do would be to make it more readable. Perhaps something like this: var nullActivities = from p in partnerList from t in p.Tenants let activity = agent.GetShopActivity(t, startDate, endDate) where activity == null select activity; Assert.Empty(nullActivities); Moreover: you may want to think … Read more

[Solved] unit testing for proprietary ide [closed]

Since IBS Integrator compiles to .class files, you should be able to write JUnit tests in Java against those classes, and run them however you’d normally run JUnit tests (kick off Ant or Maven, open Eclipse and run them from there, etc.). And I can’t think of any reason to use another technology (phpunit, rspec, … Read more

[Solved] How to create type safety on a PrivateObject in C#

Am I right that you want check presence of private method on .Net object? Then pick one of the following cases to extract any method from instance: Case 1 If you don’t care about method signature: var typeOfObj = typeof(BancAccount) .GetMethods( BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance) .Any( method => method.Name == testedName ) Case 2 If you … Read more

[Solved] Recommended unit testing tool to test web services, api calls and sql calls [closed]

You have mentioned Rhino Mocks, NUnit and TestDriven. I would not compare these against one another. However you can compare each of these with its counterparts. Here is a start! – I tried to include links for comparisons Unit testing Frameworks NUnit MsTest MBUnit xUnit NUnit vs. MbUnit vs. MSTest vs. xUnit.net I slightly prefer … Read more


Static calls are fixed dependencies and should be avoided. If you use dependency injection you can replace the dependencies with stubs and/or mocks. With that the DamageCalculator can be an interface as well and allow for different implementations. use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase; interface HeroInterface { public function getAttack(): int; public function getDefence(): int; public function getHealthPoints(): int; … Read more

[Solved] File upload testing using unit test python [closed]

Start by rewriting the method to take an iterable as an argument: def scene_upload(self, scene): csv_reader = csv.reader(scene, delimiter=”,”, quotechar=”|”) next(csv_reader) # Skip the header for line_count, row in enumerate(csv_reader, 1): self.time_stamp.append(int(row[0])) self.active_func.append(int(row[1])) self.active_func_output.append(row[2]) self.dstream_func.append(int(row[3])) self.dstream_func_aspect.append(row[4]) self.time_tolerance.append(row[5]) In production use, you make the caller responsible for opening the file: filename_scene = filedialog.askopenfilename(initialdir=”https://stackoverflow.com/”, title=”Select file”) print(filename_scene) … Read more

[Solved] How to write scalatest unit test for scala object? [closed]

There are many ways to write test for it. There are libraries like FlatSpec, FunSuit. So here, i am going to write test case for it using FunSuit import org.scalatest.FunSuite class WordTest extends FunSuite { test(“should return word count “) { val wordCount = Word.readFile() assert(wordCount.nonEmpty) } } solved How to write scalatest unit test … Read more

[Solved] Looking for WebAii Framework free edition online – before the Telerik merge [closed]

The framework is still free and available (Click Free Download, sign in, and you will be given the option to download the free version). What Telerik (we) are selling is derived from the Design canvas, which was commercial before the merge. 2 solved Looking for WebAii Framework free edition online – before the Telerik merge … Read more

[Solved] Netty how to test Handler which uses Remote Address of a client

Two things that could help: Do not annotate with @ChannelHandler.Sharable if your handler is NOT sharable. This can be misleading. Remove unnecessary state from handlers. In your case you should remove the remoteAddress member variable and ensure that Gson and CarParkPermissionService can be reused and are thread-safe. “Your remote address is embedded” is NOT an … Read more