[Solved] Rails: Remove Curly Braces in Array [closed]

@temp = SalesOrder.where("status > ?", 0).ids
items = SalesOrderItem.where(sales_order_id: @temp).where.not(product_id: nil)
total = items.to_a.group_by(&:product_id).each_with_object({}) do |(product_id, quantity), total|
  total[Product.find(product_id.to_i).name] = quantity.map(&:quantity).map(&:to_f).sum
@top_five = total.sort_by { |k, v| v }.reverse!

Check this. It should work. If any errors, ping me, I will update it

PS: your code is not optimized at all. All of this could be done with single SQL query, but the logic is pretty hard to write this query without debugging


solved Rails: Remove Curly Braces in Array [closed]