[Solved] How to prevent users like the comment multiple times like “facebook or youtube like/dislike systems”? [closed]

If you want to show the users who liked/disliked a post (or a comment), you will have to insert a new row along with the user-id for each like/dislike. And regarding the multiple-likes problem, you will have to check whether or not there is a row with the same user-id and comment-ids as the ones … Read more

[Solved] How can I change the word “comment” in a Squarespace6 blog using CSS? [closed]

There isn’t really a nice way to do this with CSS, but it can be done. Let’s say you have the following markup: <span>Comment</span> Adding a psuedo-element with :after will produce something like “CommentSign the Guestbook”: span:after { content: “Sign the Guestbook”; } Then you can hide the actual text and reposition the replacement text: … Read more

[Solved] Separated Comment from Post

ahaaa 😀 it’s success, I use CSS. Here the screenshot the code i use on single.php : <!– post section –> <section class=”post-section all-round grid”> <div class=”content_wrapper”> <!– YOUR CONTENT –> </div> </section> <!– end .post-section –> <!– comment section –> <section class=”comment-section all-round grid”> <?php if ( comments_open() || get_comments_number() ) : ?> <?php … Read more

(Solved) Can comments be used in JSON?

No. JSON is data-only. If you include a comment, then it must be data too. You could have a designated data element called “_comment” (or something) that should be ignored by apps that use the JSON data. You would probably be better having the comment in the processes that generates/receives the JSON, as they are … Read more