[Solved] React jQuery(this) selector is not working

this points to React component instance and not the input element. You can achieve this using event.target class LoginReg extends Component { render() { function minimizeLabel(event){ $(event.target).closest(“.Reg-fields”).css(“border-bottom”, “2px solid #f99”); $(event.target).closest(“label”).css(“top”, “-15px”).css(“font-size”, “.7em”).css(“transition”, “.3s ease-out”); } return ( <div> <div className=”custom-container”> <div className=”Reg-fields”> <input type=”email” onClick={minimizeLabel}/> <label>Email</label> </div> </div> ); } 1 solved React jQuery(this) … Read more

[Solved] If I built an app with a CSS framework, and then they change their styles, would the look of my site change with? [closed]

Question 1 As mentioned in the question, say one of these front end libraries were to update their UI components, would these changes reflect in my app or is it version dependent? Oh, yes, the appearance of your site will definitely change. Suppose you had this CSS library: .ui { font-family:system-ui; } body { background-image:url(“/some/image/and/the/file.jpg”); … Read more

[Solved] convert Decimal to signed 2’s compliment and vice versa in vanilla javascript

Check this out may it will help you. (function(){ var ConvertBase = function (num) { return { from : function (baseFrom) { return { to : function (baseTo) { return parseInt(num, baseFrom).toString(baseTo); } }; } }; }; // binary to decimal ConvertBase.bin2dec = function (num) { return ConvertBase(num).from(2).to(10); }; // binary to hexadecimal ConvertBase.bin2hex = … Read more

[Solved] Building enterprise level applications without frontend frameworks

Of course you can, but frameworks are developed to make the developer journey easier, they gives you utilities that otherwise you would need to develop by yourself. You can develop enterprise application without any framework, but you will need more code and you will need to take care about aspects that a framework already has … Read more

[Solved] Using react with a html template [closed]

You have to cut your template into components and replace class attribute with className. var MyComponent = React.createClass({ render: function() { return ( <div className=”my-class”> Hello, world! </div> ); } }); ReactDOM.render( <MyComponent />, document.getElementById(‘content’) ); Take a look at official tutorial But I strongly recommend you to read the documentation first and only then … Read more

[Solved] How to pass parameter in url? pl. explain with example?

Use sessionStorage to store form status // initial status – FALSE sessionStorage.formStatus=”false”; // use this code on button click event sessionStorage.formStatus=”true”; // check form status and render if (sessionStorage.formStatus === ‘false’) { // render form } if (sessionStorage.formStatus === ‘true’) { // render thank you text } 2 solved How to pass parameter in url? … Read more