[Solved] How to merge two dictionaries with same keys and keep values that exist in the same key [closed]

def intersect(a, b): a, b = set(a), set(b) return list(a & b) def merge_dicts(d1, d2): return {k: intersect(v1, v2) for (k, v1), v2 in zip(d1.items(), d2.values())} dictionary_1 = {‘A’ :[‘B’,’C’,’D’],’B’ :[‘A’]} dictionary_2 = {‘A’ :[‘A’,’B’], ‘B’ :[‘A’,’F’]} merge = merge_dicts(dictionary_1, dictionary_2) print(merge) # {‘A’: [‘B’], ‘B’: [‘A’]} 4 solved How to merge two dictionaries with … Read more

[Solved] r – merge is only working if I do it twice?

From the documentation of merge: If the columns in the data frames not used in merging have any common names, these have suffixes (“.x” and “.y” by default) appended to try to make the names of the result unique. If this is not possible, an error is thrown. Based on your names results before and … Read more

[Solved] Combine multiple paired data frames from two lists

Given the explanation of your problem, the following may work: # get all overlapping names bindNames <- intersect(names(ww), names(dd03)) # get a list of rbinded data.frames, keeping unique observations newList <- lapply(bindNames, function(i) unique(rbind(ww[[i]], dd03[[i]]))) If at this point, you want to append all of your data.frames into a single data.frame, you can once again … Read more

[Solved] Jumping to the next available date when merging panels

It’s more or less the same as your other question. The only change is that you’ll have to set “company,date” as the key columns to perform the join on (note that the order is important – it’ll first sort by company and then by date). require(data.table) ## 1.9.2 setDT(df) setDT(event) setkey(df, company1, date1) setkey(event, company2, … Read more

[Solved] Vectors And Merging

I think your problem is that these lines: if (que1.empty()){ for (int m = j; m < counterq2; m++){ que_merge.push_back(que2.at(m)); } } else { for (int l = i; l < counterq1; ++l) { que_merge.push_back(que1.at(l)); } } doesn’t do what you expect. As far as I can see, your idea is to merge the remaining … Read more

[Solved] I want a pandas script to line up values from one excel sheet to another based on the values in the first spreadsheet

Commented for explanation of approach. Have found two addresses where ID from sheet2 comes back onto sheet1 import io sheeta = pd.read_csv(io.StringIO(“”” house_number street suburb 0 43 Smith Street Frewville 1 45 Smith Street Frewville 2 47 Smith Street Frewville 3 49 Smith Street Frewville 4 51 Smith Street Frewville 5 53 Smith Street Frewville … Read more