[Solved] Global variables, member variables and instance variables in Python [closed]

You have asked a lot of questions under one! I will try to answer each of those 🙂 Variables – global vs local global variables are those ones whose scope is global, i.e. available in entire program. local variables by contrast are those ones which resides in one particular scope, a function, inside a loop, … Read more

[Solved] How to set specific variable name?

What you want is a scoped namespace like myVariables to be used as a dictionary, e.g. // this prevents keys like `hasOwnProperty` from being pre-defined on namespace var myVariables = Object.create(null); function test(name) { myVariables[‘a’ + name] = ‘test text’; } test(‘test’); console.log(myVariables.atest); solved How to set specific variable name?

[Solved] Java: how to have global values inside a class?

I guess you are looking for something like this: public class TestClass { public final String hallo; public static final String halloSecond = “Saluto!”; TestClass(String hello){ String hallo = hello; } public static void main(String[] args) { TestClass test = new TestClass(“Tjena!”); System.out.println(“I want “Tjena!”: ” + test.hallo); TestClass testSecond = new TestClass(“1”); System.out.println(“I want … Read more

[Solved] Advice on how to resolve this error.

A typical linked list structure is made of three parts The Data class Bunny { string name; // don’t use pointers unless you really, really need them int age; bool gender; string color; bool radioactive_bunny; public: string getGender(); // don’t need to know which Bunny anymore because // these functions are bound to a particular … Read more

[Solved] How do global variable work in javascript (callback)?

Your code is being executed from the top of the page as following :username gets declared and set to = null -> myFunction_1() get’s defined -> myFunction_1() gets called -> username gets set to ‘pippo’ -> console.logs “1: pippo” -> console.logs “2: pippo” -> myFunction_2() get’s defined -> myFunction_2() gets called -> console.logs “3: pippo” … Read more