[Solved] [Environment]::Exit(0) – MEANING OF THIS? [closed]

Classically, programs in MS-DOS and under the Windows Command Line (CMD.EXE) signalled errors by setting the system environment variable ERRORLEVEL to a non-zero value. PowerShell does not, by default, do this. If one wishes to invoke a PowerShell script, and have it behave like other programs (and batch files) when called from a batch file, … Read more

[Solved] Which is the Best way to exit a method

There is no best way, it depends on situation. Ideally, there is no need to exit at all, it will just return. int a() { return 2; } If there is a real need to exit, use return, there are no penalties for doing so. void insertElementIntoStructure(Element e, Structure s) { if (s.contains(e)) { return; … Read more