[Solved] Run-time error: *** glibc detected *** [closed]

Let’s look at the first two lines of your code: str = (char *) malloc(15); strcpy(str, “63tczfqV4nqB2YnH9iFJbGvGyyDkvK341rrj0G0mo1PEYniOVHejVIFIQnJzHSSMRbuyGMCZ4M5HFMV4y1q4QgYqyxp2XkTjxaolKTkaw1r25S2Emz061tw1”); At this point, you have broken the rules of the C language. strcpy will write past the end of str which causes undefined behavior. Everything that happens after this point is kinda up in the air. 5 solved … Read more

[Solved] C: allocate a pointer

head=malloc(sizeof(node*)); Will allocate a space in memory to hold a POINTER to a object of type node. head=malloc(sizeof(node)); Will allocate space for the structure itself, and return to you the address of that memory space, and you will hold that in the head variable For more info, check this other question about Malloc. How do … Read more