[Solved] Function Pointers stored in global variables get set to 0 when entering function, and get back to previous state when exiting function

if you write in header file static PFNGLGETERRORPROC glGetError; every c/cpp have own private copy of glGetError and it not conflict with other because it static – so different cpp files use different versions of glGetError – in one cpp unit you init one version and it !=0, when you enter to another cpp unit … Read more

[Solved] Undefined reference to functions in C++ [duplicate]

Try to replace short RangeCheck(short word, short min, short max); char* prntword(short word); bool read(short *data, bool check); with short RangeCheck(short word, short min, short max){return 1;} char* prntword(short word){return 0;} bool read(short *data, bool check){return 0;} and it should compile for you (however it may not work as you expect) solved Undefined reference to … Read more

[Solved] How can I know my Node.JS application security is up to standard?

Security is really hard to get right. There are so many different factors to consider, countless different ways to break an application. This guide is definitely not meant to address every single possible security flaw within application. It does, however, provide a basic checklist to ensure that an Express application addresses or application some of … Read more

[Solved] If Else Best Approach In Java [closed]

Break will leave the loop, so booth solutions will only ‘iterate’ over the first item. The second solution without break would be right. (Both solutions would work if you use continue instead of break) solved If Else Best Approach In Java [closed]

[Solved] Java Value must Be Between 0 and 100

The problem you are experiencing is with this piece of code: int percent = (totalDataRead * 100) / filesize; Download.status.setText(totalDataRead / 1024 + “kb/” + filesize / 1024 + “kb”); setProgress(percent); Your value for percent must be outside the range 0…100 as the exception message is coming from the setProgress method: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/javax/swing/SwingWorker.html#setProgress(int) Note: IllegalArgumentException – … Read more

[Solved] App shut down when open the 4th time [closed]

OK, the code is very dirty, first of all i must say it’s so hard to read it. Your problem is your activity implementing a runnable and even if you close your application that runnable never stops. So it accumlates on VM, thats why after a while you are getting crashed and VM getting restarted, … Read more

[Solved] HTTP POST call from Android [duplicate]

The message says: NetworkOnMainThreadException. In Android applications, one may not execute network code on the Main thread. This means you have to create a separate thread for your code. This can by done via an implementation of the AsyncTaskclass. Look at the documentation solved HTTP POST call from Android [duplicate]

[Solved] maximum from user input + string

You just need to keep both the maximum price and the name of the product with that maximum price. For example, Product[] products = // your products. Product mostExpensiveProduct = product[0]; for (Product product : products) { if (product.getPrice() > mostExpensiveProduct.getPrice()) { mostExpensiveProduct = product; } } System.out.println(“Most expensive product is ” + mostExpensiveProduct.getName() + … Read more

[Solved] Find the Variable with biggest int value

This enum is optional, but helps with code clarity: enum Field { INT_HX, INT_EX, INT_RX, INT_MX, INT_IX } Then test the values: Field largestField = Field.INT_HX; int largestValue = intHx; if(intEx > largestValue) { largestField = Field.INT_EX; largestValue = intEx; } if(intRx > largestValue) { largestField = Field.INT_RX; largestValue = intRx; } if(intMx > largestValue) … Read more

[Solved] Android: Error with adding textview to linearlayout

1. First create a file ids.xml in your /res directory and add the following XML schema to this file: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <resources> <item type = “id” name = “mytextbox”></item> </resources> 2. Your onCreate() method should look like this: protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_selection_screen); if (savedInstanceState == null) { getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction() .add(R.id.container, new PlaceholderFragment()).commit(); … Read more

[Solved] Back to the form with back button

It is default browser functionality ,you can change the setting using PHP only. You can use these syntax in your PHP config file before the session start: <?php session_cache_limiter (‘private, must-revalidate’); $cache_limiter = session_cache_limiter(); session_cache_expire(60); // in minutes ?> Now it will be not ask to re-submission the form. 0 solved Back to the form … Read more

[Solved] display json response from ajax call in html table

You need to iterate on items object as array is insde items object: $.each(json.items,function(index,item){ console.log(item); tr = $(‘<tr/>’); tr.append(“<td><h3>” + item.name + “</h3><p><strong>” + item.productNo + “</strong></p><div>” + item.leaseOrNot + “</div></td>”); tr.append(“<td>” + item.commerceItemQty + “</td>”); tr.append(“<td>” +item.price + “</td>”); $(‘table’).append(tr); }) FIDDLE DEMO 3 solved display json response from ajax call in html table

[Solved] string literal pointer issue passing to nested functions

In C, string operations cannot have a convenient interface, because of memory management. If a function receives a string, and converts it to another string, you should decide how to declare its interface. The simplest interface is in-place (strtok uses it); you can use it only if the output is somehow smaller than input: void … Read more