[Solved] ngStyle background-image [duplicate]

Try this <div class=”parallax” [ngStyle]=”{‘background-image’: ‘url(‘+ parallaxImage+’)’}”></div> or getParallaxImage(){ return “url(” + this.parallaxImage + “)”; } Both solutions will work now, use as per your requirements. 0 solved ngStyle background-image [duplicate]

[Solved] Adding delimiter for best_in_place gem [closed]

You’ll need to use number_with_precision in your model’s get_invoice_amount_with_precision method. In order to make this accessible, you will need to include ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper in your model: class MyModel < ActiveRecord::Base include ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper def get_invoice_amount_with_precision number_with_precision(invoice_amount, :precision => 2, :delimiter => ‘,’) end end 2 solved Adding delimiter for best_in_place gem [closed]