Month November 2022

[Solved] Android: Starting Alarm Service from Dialog

Your code based on Android Dev Guide is working, to be more precise, this one: alarmMgr = (AlarmManager)context.getSystemService(Context.ALARM_SERVICE); Intent intent = new Intent(context, AlarmReceiver.class); PendingIntent alarmIntent = PendingIntent.getBroadcast(context, 0, intent, 0); alarmMgr.setExact(AlarmManager.ELAPSED_REALTIME_WAKEUP,SystemClock.elapsedRealtime() + 10 * 1000, alarmIntent); public class…

[Solved] Pandas returning object type instead of values

I think you need aggregation by sum: df3 = df2.groupby(‘Destination Address’, as_index=False)[‘Aggregated Event Count’].sum() Sample: df2 = pd.DataFrame({‘Destination Address’:[‘a’,’a’,’a’, ‘b’], ‘Aggregated Event Count’:[1,2,3,4]}) print (df2) Aggregated Event Count Destination Address 0 1 a 1 2 a 2 3 a 3…

[Solved] webview load url from input text in another class [duplicate]

send data from inputAddrss, Intent intent = new Intent(getBaseContext(), SignoutActivity.class); intent.putExtra(“url”, YOUR_EDIT_TEXT.getText().toString()); startActivity(intent); receive data in MainActivity, String s = getIntent().getStringExtra(“url”); then load into webview view.loadUrl(s); solved webview load url from input text in another class [duplicate]

[Solved] How to modify multidimensional array? [duplicate]

We can do it via const data = [[11,12,13,14],[21,22,23,24],[31,32,33,34],[41],[43],[51]] let result = => { if(d.length < 2){ return d[0] } return +’ -‘ + }) console.log(result) solved How to modify multidimensional array? [duplicate]

[Solved] Login screen using and SQL Server

This line of code: string checkuser = “select * from tb_Login where Username=”” + txtUsername.Text + “” and Password='” + txtPassword.Text + “‘ “; Is sending a query to the database and asking: “Give me all the columns from tb_Login…