[Solved] convert 0 into string

If you think you have zero, but the program thinks you have an empty string, you are probably dealing with a dualvar. A dualvar is a scalar that contains both a string and a number. Perl usually returns a dualvar when it needs to return false. For example, $ perl -we’my $x = 0; my … Read more

[Solved] Answer Error, Only outputting Zero

How to debug your (small) program Okay so let’s start from the top and go line-by-line. There’s a lot of issues here. aLimit=300 bLimit=500 cLimit=100 aPrice=20 bPrice=15 cPrice=10 ticketSold=1 totalIncome=0 These are all globals since you defined them in the module scope. That’s a Bad Thing. Don’t do it. If they’re constants, use CAPS to … Read more

[Solved] Sum from random list in python

There is a function combinations in itertools and it can be used to generate combinations. import random import itertools # Generate a random list of 30 numbers mylist = random.sample(range(-50,50), 30) combins = itertools.combinations(mylist, 3) interested = list(filter(lambda combin: sum(combin) == 0, combins)) print(interested) Note that the results from filter() and itertools.combinations() are iterables and … Read more