[Solved] Swap Characters, first and last [closed]

public static String swap (String entry){ char[] characters = entry.toCharArray(); if (entry.length() < 6){ return null; // cannot swap if length is under 6! } char tempchar; tempchar = characters[0]; characters[0] = characters[characters.length-1]; characters[characters.length-1] = tempchar; tempchar = characters[1]; characters[1] = characters[characters.length-2]; characters[characters.length-2] = tempchar; tempchar = characters[2]; characters[2] = characters[characters.length-3]; characters[characters.length-3] = tempchar; return … Read more

[Solved] How to change letters to other letters Java [closed]

First you would need to create a Map of all the letters: Hashmap<String, String> map = new Hashmap<String, String>(); map.put(“a”, “c”); map.put(“b”, “f”); … To get the translation of each letter you simply get the value from the map: String translatedLetter = map.get(letter); So now you would need to create a loop to translate the … Read more

[Solved] Error trying to swap Card Objects in a vector c++

To pick out some key lines from you error In instantiation of ‘void std::swap(_Tp&, _Tp&) [with _Tp = Card]’: use of deleted function ‘Card& Card::operator=(Card&&)’ ‘Card& Card::operator=(Card&&)’ is implicitly deleted because the default definition would be ill-formed: non-static const member ‘const int Card::numFace’, can’t use default assignment operator You are trying to use std::swap with … Read more