[Solved] Using substring in line C# [closed]

It means that the values you are passing to Substring are not valid for the string they are being called on. For example: string s = “hello”; string x = s.Substring(0, 1); // <– This is fine (returns “h”) string y = s.Substring(1, 3); // <– Also fine (returns “ell”) string z = s.Substring(5, 3); … Read more

[Solved] Splitting a string ignoring whitespace

We’ll need to see your code before we can begin troubleshooting. However, the following code should work just fine: String address = “1,1,87 gandhi road,600005”; String[] stringArray = address.split(“,”); for(String str : stringArray) { // Do something with str. } 5 solved Splitting a string ignoring whitespace

[Solved] Split the number on a decimal

public static void main(String[] args) { String str = “154.232”; str = str.replaceAll(“\\..*”, “”); System.out.println(str); } or str.substring(0, str.indexOf(“.”)); or // check for index of . is not -1, then do following. str.split(“.”)[0]; output 154 solved Split the number on a decimal

[Solved] How to split an string array element by whitespace, and forming two new arrays?

As you mentioned the split-function can handle this. String[] types = new String[columnNameType.length]; String[] names = new String[columnNameType.length]; for(int i = 0 ; i< columnNameType.length; ++i){ names[i] = columnNameType[i].split(” “)[0]; types[i] = columnNameType[i].split(” “)[1]; } iterate your array and split every element on its own. 1 solved How to split an string array element by … Read more

[Solved] Splitting to words in a list of strings

A very minimal example: stops = {‘remove’, ‘these’, ‘words’} strings = [‘please do not remove these words’, ‘removal is not cool’, ‘please please these are the bees\’ knees’, ‘there are no stopwords here’] strings_cleaned = [‘ ‘.join(word for word in s.split() if word not in stops) for s in strings] Or you could do: strings_cleaned … Read more

[Solved] Matlab spilt one txt file to several files

This solution below should do the trick (at least it does for the simplified version you put above. fi = fopen(‘myFile.txt’,’r’); fileCount = 1; fo = fopen([‘output’,num2str(fileCount),’.txt’],’w’); header = fgets(fi); fprintf(fo,header); tline = header; first = true; mark_index = 8; while ischar(tline) if (~first) values = cell2mat(textscan(tline,’%f ‘)); if values(mark_index) == 1 fclose(fo); fileCount = … Read more

[Solved] How to split a string if any chracter is found in java

You can use String‘s methods replaceAll and split together here. String one = “show ip interface brief | include 1234**\n Gi1/23.1234 xxx.225.xxx.106 YES manual up up”; String[] tokens = one.replaceAll(“[^\\n]+\\n\\s*”, “”).split(“\\s+”); System.out.println(Arrays.toString(tokens)); Output [Gi1/23.1234, xxx.225.xxx.106, YES, manual, up, up] solved How to split a string if any chracter is found in java

[Solved] How to delete first text? (c#)

If you have dynamic separators like this, String.Split is not suitable. Use Regex.Split instead. You can give a pattern to Regex.Split and it will treat every substring that matches the pattern as a separator. In this case, you need a pattern like this: \d+\. |1|2|3|4 | are or operators. \d matches any digit character. + … Read more