[Solved] I have a Java String, i need to extract only the first digits from it. for example the String: “2 fishes 3” I want to get only: “2”

This should work 🙂 String num1 = mEtfirst.getText().toString(); char[] temp = num1.toCharArray(); int i=0; num1=””; while(Character.isDigit(temp[i])) num1=num1+Character.toString(temp[i++]); This converts the string to a character array, checks the array character by character, and stores it in num1 until a non-digit character is encountered. Edit: Also, if you want to convert num1 to an integer, use: num1=Integer.parseInt(num1); … Read more

[Solved] Converting all underscore connected letters to uppercase in php [closed]

Try with preg_replace_callback function in php. $ptn = “/_[a-z]?/”; $str = “kp_o_zmq_k”; $result = preg_replace_callback($ptn,”callbackhandler”,$str); // print the result echo $result; function callbackhandler($matches) { return strtoupper(ltrim($matches[0], “_”)); } 0 solved Converting all underscore connected letters to uppercase in php [closed]

[Solved] find and differentiate words in javascript [closed]

If it is about the longest possible matching (sub)string, thus the most specific one, the task actually can be solved pretty easy. sort the array descending by each of its string-item’s length property. Iterate the array … for each string item, try whether it is included within the given text. Stop iterating with the first … Read more

[Solved] Extracting class from demangled symbol

This is hard to do with perl’s extended regular expressions, which are considerably more powerful than anything in C++. I suggest a different tack: First get rid of the things that don’t look like functions such as data (look for the D designator). Stuff like virtual thunk to this, virtual table for that, etc., will … Read more