[Solved] I have a Java String, i need to extract only the first digits from it. for example the String: “2 fishes 3” I want to get only: “2”

This should work 🙂 String num1 = mEtfirst.getText().toString(); char[] temp = num1.toCharArray(); int i=0; num1=””; while(Character.isDigit(temp[i])) num1=num1+Character.toString(temp[i++]); This converts the string to a character array, checks the array character by character, and stores it in num1 until a non-digit character is encountered. Edit: Also, if you want to convert num1 to an integer, use: num1=Integer.parseInt(num1); … Read more

[Solved] Converting all underscore connected letters to uppercase in php [closed]

Try with preg_replace_callback function in php. $ptn = “/_[a-z]?/”; $str = “kp_o_zmq_k”; $result = preg_replace_callback($ptn,”callbackhandler”,$str); // print the result echo $result; function callbackhandler($matches) { return strtoupper(ltrim($matches[0], “_”)); } 0 solved Converting all underscore connected letters to uppercase in php [closed]

[Solved] find and differentiate words in javascript [closed]

If it is about the longest possible matching (sub)string, thus the most specific one, the task actually can be solved pretty easy. sort the array descending by each of its string-item’s length property. Iterate the array … for each string item, try whether it is included within the given text. Stop iterating with the first … Read more

[Solved] Extracting class from demangled symbol

This is hard to do with perl’s extended regular expressions, which are considerably more powerful than anything in C++. I suggest a different tack: First get rid of the things that don’t look like functions such as data (look for the D designator). Stuff like virtual thunk to this, virtual table for that, etc., will … Read more

[Solved] rearding regex (python) [closed]

Here: http://rubular.com/r/CCW7sAUMrs is an example regex that matches whole text within {{ }}. You can easily clean up Your string with it using re.sub. Note, that it will not work when You have text like {{test}} paragraph {{test}}, because it will match whole string. As larsmans said, it gets harder if You can nest braces. … Read more

[Solved] How do I parse and split data in single quotation mark using Java?

Try using Pattern and Matcher classes from java.util.regex package. Something like this : String data = “[‘first data’,’second data’, ‘third data’]”; Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(“‘(.*?)'”); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(data); while (matcher.find()) { System.out.println(matcher.group(1)); } Output: first data second data third data solved How do I parse and split data in single quotation mark using Java?

[Solved] Bash: uppercase text inside html tag with sed

This will work only for your case and is not parsing HTML. DISCLAIMER First read: https://stackoverflow.com/a/1732454/7939871 This parsing with a sed Search-and-replace Regular Expression is a shortcut interpretation. It is in no way for use in any kind of production setup; as it would break on so many valid HTML syntax or layout variations like: … Read more

[Solved] Find hrefs value in string

Extend the capturing group around the “one or more not white space” LinkParser = new Regex(@”\b(?<url>https?://\S+)[‘””]”, RegexOptions.Compiled | RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); Then access the match collection with m.Groups[“url”].Value A simpler pattern might also work well: \b(?<url>http.*?)[‘”] These are very primitive and I wouldn’t guarantee it works in all cases. If you have urls that aren’t quoted at … Read more

[Solved] Custom Regular Expressions [closed]

This is very bad practice, but because you asked for it: $str=”BCT34385Z0000N07518Z”; preg_match(‘/^(.{6})(.*?)$/’, $str, $result); echo $result[1]; // ‘BCT343′ echo $result[2]; // ’85Z0000N07518Z’ or if you want an if statement: $str = …; if (preg_match(‘/^BCT343/’, $str)) { // yes! } 2 solved Custom Regular Expressions [closed]