[Solved] Get Full Date Only in Regex [closed]

You may use the following regex pattern: (?:Jan|Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct|Nov|Dec) \d{1,2}(?: \d{4})? var dates = [“Nov 29 2019”, “abc 0 May 30 2020”, “ddd Apr 3 2021 efg”, “0 Jan 3 hellodewdde deded”, “Green eggs and ham”]; var months = “(?:Jan|Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct|Nov|Dec)”; var regex = new RegExp(months + ” \\d{1,2}(?: \\d{4})?”); var matches = []; for (var i=0; … Read more

[Solved] difference between replaceFirst() and trim().replaceFirst() [duplicate]

String.trim() method remove trailing and leading white spaces from the string. but since the string you are testing doesn’t have any trailing or leading white spaces, the below two will certainly return the same string. str.replaceFirst(“(.*)<?xml”,”<?xml”); str.trim().replaceFirst(“(.*)<?xml”,”<?xml”) However, your regular expression only removes leading white spaces, so if the testing string has trailing white spaces … Read more

[Solved] Regex for price with   and comma [closed]

Here’s how I’d do it: str = “8&nbsp;560,90 cur.” str.gsub(/[^\d,]/, ”).to_i # => 8560 This removes every character that isn’t a digit or a comma, yielding “8560,90”, then calls to_i on it, which gives 8560. This will work for any string as long as you want every digit before the first comma to be part … Read more

[Solved] php – Regular expression to validate this string [closed]

$string=”1234-ABCD-EFGH”; preg_match(“~[0-9]{4}-[A-Z]{4}-[A-Z]{4}~”, $string, $matches); print_r($matches); This code will output the $matches array that contains the match information. preg_match will return true or false depending on whether the string matched. If you prefer to also match lower case characters, use this one: preg_match(“~[0-9]{4}-[A-Za-z]{4}-[A-Za-z]{4}~”, $string, $matches); 1 solved php – Regular expression to validate this string [closed]

[Solved] Javascript regex pattern for specific case

I need to split it to get only 1 and 6 and I only want whole number I want to ignore the floating numbers You can use String.prototype.split() with RegExp /\D|\d+\.\d+/ to split characters that are not digits, or digits followed by . character followed by digits to handle for example 2.456, Array.prototype.filter() with parameter … Read more

[Solved] Java Variable Substitution

This is normally solved with just a String#replaceAll, but since you have a custom, dynamic replacement string, you can to use a Matcher to efficiently and concisely do the string replacement. public static String parse(String command, String… args) { StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(); Matcher m = Pattern.compile(“\\$(\\d+)”).matcher(command); while (m.find()) { int num = Integer.parseInt(m.group(1)); … Read more

[Solved] Regex string match [closed]

It can be achieved with the following regex: ^[^a-z'”*&<>\/]+$ See demo It allows any letter that is not ‘”*’&<>\/, and requires that there is no lowercase English letter. ^ – Start of string [^a-z'”*&<>\/]+ – 1 or more characters other than ‘, “, *, &, <, >, / or lowercase English character. $ – End … Read more

[Solved] How can I take integer regex?

As others have posted, the regular expression you are looking for is: \d{4}-\d{6} The full code I would use: import re my_string = ‘Ticketing TSX – 2016-049172’ matches = re.findall(r”\d{4}-\d{6}”, my_string) print matches If, for example, the length of the second digit varies from 6 to 8 digits, you will need to update your regular … Read more

[Solved] Regex condition in C#

As you further explained that you actually do want to match any letter at the beginning, and any two digits at the end of the string, using a regular expression is indeed the shortest way to solve this. Regex re = new Regex(“^[a-z].*[0-9]{2}$”, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); Console.WriteLine(re.IsMatch(“Apple02”)); // true Console.WriteLine(re.IsMatch(“Arrow”)); // false Console.WriteLine(re.IsMatch(“45Alty12”)); // false Console.WriteLine(re.IsMatch(“Basci98”)); // … Read more