[Solved] c# Regex catch string between two string [duplicate]

You can try this:<[a-z\s]+id=[\’\”]mobile[\w]+[\’\”][\sa-zA-Z\d\’\=\;\:]*>([a-zA-Z\d\s]+)<[\/a-z\s]+> Anyway it will not match special chars or symbols. You can test and optimize it here: https://regex101.com/r/fnYQ1o/10 EDIT – Code example This could be the portion of code to extract the messages: var rgx = @”<[a-z\s]+id=[\’]mobile[\w]+[\’][\sa-zA-Z\d\s\’\=\;\:]*>([a-zA-Z\d\s]+)<[\/a-z\s]+>”; var txt = “<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=’it’ xml:lang=’it’><!– <![endif]–><head><meta http-equiv=’Content-Type’ content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8”><title>Banca Mediolanum S.p.A. | Accesso … Read more

[Solved] Find a match pattern of any digit and space with any character in a string and replace with | in PHP [closed]

$str = “COVId 1234 | SARS 4567 | EBOLA 2332”; preg_replace(‘([a-zA-Z]+ \d+ )’, ‘$0 |’, $str); echo $str; // COVId 1234 | SARS 4567 | EBOLA 2332 [a-ZA-Z]+ matches all alphabetic chars. is just to match a space. \d+ matches digits. Note the plural. 0 solved Find a match pattern of any digit and space … Read more

[Solved] How to match two values in an array?

Why use arrays when you can use a sorted dictionary? take a look at this code example: SortedDictionary<int, int> sd = new SortedDictionary<int, int>(); sd.Add(1, 54); sd.Add(5, 12); sd.Add(3, 17); sd.Add(9, 1); sd.Add(2, 44); MessageBox.Show(“First: ” + sd[sd.Keys.ElementAt<int>(0)].ToString() + “\nLast: ” + sd[sd.Keys.ElementAt<int>(sd.Count-1)].ToString()); solved How to match two values in an array?

[Solved] Regex not matching all the paranthesis substrings [duplicate]

Parenthesis in regular expressions are used to indicate groups. If you want to match them literally, you must ‘escape’ them: import re found = re.findall(r’\(.*?\)’, text) print(found) Outputs: [‘(not all)’, ‘(They will cry “heresy” and other accusations of “perverting” the doctrines of the Bible, while they themselves believe in a myriad of interpretations, as found … Read more

(Solved) Two by two matching between dataframes in r

You want the merge function. Since your column names that you want to match on already have the same name you don’t even need to do anything special. If that wasn’t the case you would want to look into the by.x and by.y parameters that merge takes. df1 = data.frame(Site.1=c(“A”,”A”,”B”),Site.2=c(“B”,”C”,”C”),Score1=c(60,70,80)) df2 = data.frame(Site.1=c(“B”,”A”,”A”),Site.2=c(“C”,”B”,”C”), Score2=c(10,20,30)) df3 … Read more