[Solved] What is the best approuch to create a single page application React JS? [closed]

You can inject some components in React in other framework or web page but if you build a ReactJS application, it’s basically a single page application. In your application you will have to use a router like: React router : https://github.com/ReactTraining/react-router React redux router : https://github.com/reactjs/react-router-redux There are many other, but those are good for … Read more

[Solved] PrivateRouting when Token in Local Storage [TypeScript]

This will go in your index.tsx file: const token = localStorage.getItem(‘token’); const PrivateRoute = ({component, isAuthenticated, …rest}: any) => { const routeComponent = (props: any) => ( isAuthenticated ? React.createElement(component, props) : <Redirect to={{pathname: ‘/login’}}/> ); return <Route {…rest} render={routeComponent}/>; }; And use this in the browser router/switch: <PrivateRoute path=”/panel” isAuthenticated={token} component={PrivateContainer} /> solved PrivateRouting … Read more

[Solved] How to pass parameter in url? pl. explain with example?

Use sessionStorage to store form status // initial status – FALSE sessionStorage.formStatus=”false”; // use this code on button click event sessionStorage.formStatus=”true”; // check form status and render if (sessionStorage.formStatus === ‘false’) { // render form } if (sessionStorage.formStatus === ‘true’) { // render thank you text } 2 solved How to pass parameter in url? … Read more

[Solved] Can u please tell me if their is any difference between the codes. And if their is, Then what is the reason behind it? [closed]

Code one has className=”cards__items__img”, code two has className=”cards__item__img”. Code one has className=”cards__items__link”, code two has className=”cards__item__link”. Items is plural on first code and singular on second. Reason? I don’t know but the first code is very poorly formatted. 1 solved Can u please tell me if their is any difference between the codes. And if … Read more