[Solved] Convert string to Ordered Dictionary [closed]

You can try something like this : input_st = “Field1:’abc’,Field2:’HH:MM:SS’,Field3:’d,b,c'” output_st = {item.split(“:”)[0]:”:”.join(item.split(“:”)[1:]).replace(“‘”, “”) for item in input_st.split(“‘,”)} outputs : {‘Field1’: ‘abc’, ‘Field2’: ‘HH:MM:SS’, ‘Field3’: ‘d,b,c’} Kind of ugly but it does the job. 4 solved Convert string to Ordered Dictionary [closed]

[Solved] Nested for loops extending existing list

The two main concept that you see in the last line are list comprehension and nested loops. Have a look. for understanding better what is going on, we’re going to split that line in simplier part: TENS for tens in “twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety”.split(): print(tens) OUTPUT: twenty thirty forty fifty sixty … Read more

[Solved] What does “Supports python 3” mean? [closed]

Supporting Python 3 means supporting Python 3 up to the current point release. Python point releases are backward compatible. What works on 3.0 should generally work on 3.4. See PEP 387 for the general guidelines on this policy. Python 3.4 added some deprecations but none of these will affect packages that were once only written … Read more

[Solved] Printing a smile face :)

how about this def display(x): for i in x: for j in i: j = chr(j) print (j, end = ‘ ‘) print() if each i represent a line, you need add a extra print to start over in the next line 1 solved Printing a smile face 🙂

[Solved] Python for beginners [closed]

Welcome to python. In python everything is easy. Firstly you need to understand your problem on a slightly deeper level though. The problem here is just realizing that you’re taking two slightly different sums. A good way to go about this would be to represent them both in a common form (minutes) then do all … Read more

[Solved] How to convert a string containing “/” to a float in Python [duplicate]

>>> from __future__ import division … … result = [] … text = “20 7/8 16 1/4” … for num in text.split(): … try: … numerator, denominator = (int(a) for a in num.split(“https://stackoverflow.com/”)) … result.append(numerator / denominator) … except ValueError: … result.append(int(num)) … >>> result [20, 0.875, 16, 0.25] 2 solved How to convert a … Read more