[Solved] Given an array of strings, convert each string into: uppercase if first letter is capital lower case if first letter is small

Introduction This article will discuss how to convert an array of strings into either uppercase or lowercase depending on the first letter of each string. We will go through the steps of writing a function that takes an array of strings as an argument and returns an array of strings with the first letter of … Read more

[Solved] What does this HTML and JS do? [closed]

When you click on the first button it fires an onclick event attribute. You’ve told the event to find an element by the ID of ‘msg’. Which is the <p> tag above. It finds it and then replaces the innerHTML value of “Now you see me” with the string ‘Gone!’. Pretty much the same thing … Read more

[Solved] Create Code Snippet (easy to cut and paste) from Web Form [closed]

something like this, using val() to get the input from the user: HTML: name:<input type=”text” id=”name” /> <br /> price:<input type=”text” id=”price”/> <br /> description:<input type=”text” id=”description”/> <br /> url for event:<input type=”text” id=”url_for_event” /> <br /> <button id=”create-html”>create html</button> <div id=”result”></div> JS: $( “#create-html” ).click(function() { var name=”<p class=”name”>” + $(“#name”).val() + ‘</p>’; var … Read more

[Solved] How to disable radio button After 1 Click

First thing, I’d clean up the HTML code a bit… I assume the four radio buttons are all possible answers to one question, in which case they should all have the same name (not value) so that you can only choose one answer; then in the script I’d would need to use more information than … Read more

[Solved] Jquery object assign to variable return undefined [duplicate]

property_object_parse is a real JavaScript object, so you can just use the member access syntax to access the value you are interested in directly: console.log(property_object_parse.p1.TextElement[0].size); Note that you cannot use a dynamic property path string like ‘p1.TextElement[0].size’, you would have to compile that in a way. For example, you could instead have an array of … Read more