[Solved] How to take backup of a BigQuery view script using BQ?

In case you would like to backup view’s sql query code only: bq mk \ –nouse_legacy –view “$(bq show –view –format=prettyjson project1:dataset1.view1 | jq –raw-output .view.query)” \ project2:dataset2.view2 I used jq json tool. In case you would like to materialise the view into table: bq query –nouse_legacy –destination_table=project1:dataset1.table1 “SELECT * FROM project1.dataset1.view1” Update: In case … Read more

[Solved] Azure Data Factory: Move data from Google Bigquery to Azure Blob [closed]

You can reference this document: Copy data from Google BigQuery by using Azure Data Factory. This article outlines how to use Copy Activity in Azure Data Factory to copy data from Google BigQuery. It builds on the Copy Activity overview article that presents a general overview of the copy activity. You can copy data from … Read more

[Solved] Need a SQL Server query to eliminate the Highlighted Rows ( Returning Routes in Flight)

I have created a table named S65828793 with your provided data. First I have numbered the rows in ascending sequence of departure time. Then from that I have identified the flights that have been another flight within two consecutive days from opposite direction and marked those as returning flight. Then at last I have excluded … Read more

[Solved] What does the Bigquery error “Your project exceeded quota for free storage for projects” mean?

The message is clear — you’re approaching the limits of the free quota, likely because you are working in the bigquery sandbox without a billing account configured. Thus, you are subject to the free tier limits, in particular, 10 GB of active storage and 1TB of processing for queries. Google has a guide for upgrading … Read more

[Solved] How to get non grouped-by columns in SQL statement (similar to in MySQL)

Below is for BigQuery Standard SQL and as simple as below #standardSQL SELECT ANY_VALUE(first_name) first_name FROM `project.dataset.table` GROUP BY age As you can see you were missing just aggregation function – it can be any – MAX, MIN, etc. I’ve chosen ANY_VALUE as an example You can test, play with above using some simplified dummy … Read more