[Solved] Google Analytics [closed]

First, find out whether your analytics code is working. Go to your Analytics account >> Admin >>Tracking code On top of the page, next to Tracking ID, you can see the status of the traffic. Click the “send traffic button”. If the analytics code has been installed correctly, your website pops up. Else, check the … Read more

[Solved] Cannot get Geolocation script to work

This is not a proper answer yet, as it is still unclear what the actual problem is, but to explain to OP, I’ll post this as an answer. $.getScript(‘http://www.geoplugin.net/javascript.gp’, function() { $location = geoplugin_countryCode(); $location2 = geoplugin_continentCode(); if($location == “CA” || $location == “US” || $location2 == “EU” || $location2 == “DE” || $location2 == … Read more