[Solved] Return value of process to String

! returns the exit code of the process (0 in your case). If you need the output of the process you should use !! instead: val url = “https://morningconsult.com/alert/house-passes-employee-stock-options-bill-aimed-startups/” import sys.process._ val result = (“wget -qO- ” + url !!).toString println(“result : ” + result) (relevant documentation) solved Return value of process to String

[Solved] PHP exec command is not working with awk command [closed]

As I said in my answer to your previous question, you can fix this easily by using single quotes on the inside. PHP Code <?php $eff=40; $pos=34; $i = ‘hello’; $line=exec(“tail $i.dssp -n $eff | awk -F’ ‘ -v var=$pos ‘{if ($2==var) print FNR}'”); print “$line\n”; ?> Sample Input (hello.dssp): foobar 34 Sample Output: 1 … Read more