[Solved] class destructor segmentation fault

Your pop function destroys the entire stack. It deletes the tmp node (by calling the Stack destructor), which still points to the new next. And since the Stack destructor calls delete on next, you get a mess of multiple destructor calls on the same objects. JMA beat me to it by a few seconds, so … Read more

[Solved] Why destructor is being called but construction not being called when passing object as a parameter? [closed]

Passing an instance of a class by value invokes the copy constructor. The compiler implements the copy constructor by default (essentially a memberwise copy after invoking copy constructors of any base classes) if the class definition does not explicitly supply one. This compiler-generated copy constructor will not call one of the other constructors you have … Read more

[Solved] The order of destructor

The first Ghost is the PacMan member blinky. About the last order: Destroying pm1 exectutes ~PacMan(){ if (inky!= NULL) delete inky; cout <<“~PacMan()” << endl; } and then blinky is deleted too. If you want the opposite order, you’ve to write it here. solved The order of destructor